Offbeat Digital Marketing Techniques You Can Apply In Your Business

Have you ever wondered why your customers aren’t getting caught up with your company’s online marketing strategy?

Coming up with a catchy digital marketing plan hooks your target customer base not only to come to your site, but eventually to believe what your company is preaching for.

You have to remember that lack of additional customers may likely spell doom for your business. Managers and employees alike need to find and make use of digital marketing plans that will stand out in the industry against its competitors.

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An Attractive Lead Magnet

You can use lead magnets as tools to load up your content marketing campaign.
You can use these mediums to attract more customers to your marketing funnel. Make sure your lead magnets have direct relevance to the products and services that you are marketing.

Gather more information about your potential clients to help you lead them to your business’ buying cycle.
You may also use a social media lead magnet to actively engage with your target consumers.
Use the data you gather through this engagement as a reference throughout the process of leading your clients to delve deeper within your marketing funnel.

Map Out A Digital Marketing Funnel

Creating an effective marketing funnel is not a problem for most successful businesses.
A marketing funnel is created to keep track of a customer’s journey. The marketing funnel begins to keep track of the customer’s journey since he was a complete stranger up until he becomes a potential lead.

digital marketing funnel

The funnel then covers strategies to motivate the customers to move through the buying cycle.
Lead magnets, calls to action, social media marketing tools, opt-ins and offers all play important roles in the funnel.
You can assume that a marketing funnel composes of four parts; namely, Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. All these components must work together in order to achieve the desired results.

Distribute A Convincing Press Release

Blogging helps your business when you subscribe to big time press release sites.
Press release sites distribute blogs about your business’ newest products, services and package deals. These sites make sure that your business doesn’t get left behind among your clients in favor of your competitors.

Popular press release sites like PR NewsWire and PR Web not only enhances your conceptualized digital marketing strategy, they also provide support in pushing your site up in search engine result rankings.

Outsource Your Sales Team

Managing a social media team for sales remotely lure in higher return on investment, as compared to employing staff members on-site. This is because team members are better able to close sales when supervisors supervise their work outputs with minimum supervision.

Sales team members have the liberty to strategize customized effective techniques independently when the management gives them the freedom to craft creative professional ideas on their own, instead of spoon-feeding these ideas to them.

The Trend In Email Marketing

Maximize but don’t overuse social media marketing by intermittently using email marketing in conjunction.

Email has always retained its popularity as a trending app. Having a website can easily enable you to collect potential clients’ email addresses, distribute newsletters and leave an outstanding impression on your prospects, subsequently closing a sale along the way.

Generously Offer Digital Coupons

Tweak your digital marketing techniques in the form of digital coupon addies.
Digital coupons are rapidly getting ahead in competition against physical coupons. Digital coupons have progressively developed new-age live lead conversion tool. Expect these modern coupons to further evolve when catering to your customized needs.

Personally Talk To Your Clients

Stand out amongst your competitors by personally calling up your clients to talk to them.
Most digital marketers don’t do this, since they usually make use of various online mediums to communicate with clients. Make your clients feel extra special by making efforts to get to know them personally on the phone.

Combine Social Media, Mobile And Internet Tools

Spread the word about the existence of your business by utilizing social media in combination with mobile and online tools.
Remember, by making use of these tools at the same time, you are able to have more opportunities to reach out to a wider demographic.

Pay-Per-Click Ads Never Get Outdated

Carol Tice writes in The Entrepreneur that several small businesses have invested $ 7.2 billion in 2011 for AdWords payments.
Stretch your digital marketing campaigns further like what these businesses have done by making use of Pay-Per-Click Ads. Follow the footsteps of local service providers, hidden product sellers and software providers by profitably making a fortune from Pay-Per-Click ads.

Craft A Call-To-Action Strategy

A call-to-action (CTA) refers to an image or text that attracts visitors to take a favorable action, such as sign up for a newsletter, watch a webinar or avail of a product demo.
CTAs should lead audiences to social reading buzz landing pages, where your business can gather valuable contact information of potential consumers, to enable you to possibly send them updates about your latest sale promotions.

Effective CTA results into work in conjunction with increased people you’ll meet in social media marketing; this in turn pertains essentially to a boost in visitor traffic in your website. Huge site traffic eventually paves the way to lead generation.

Never take for granted in doing “just enough” when conceptualizing various digital marketing plans for your company.
Don’t overlook the fact that a plan you may have in mind might be something that’s just too common in the industry.
Tweak all of your digital marketing plans from time to time to make sure you are not left out in the cold on the current trends.

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