Creating Products That Sell!

Creating products that you can market and sell as your own is by far the best way to make money online.

Of course this doesn’t apply to you, but many people have absolutely no idea about what kind of products they should produce.

In my opinion, that is mainly caused by the fear of failure. While creating products is quite easy, this fear even stops them making a decision on what products to make.

Let’s try to help them out, shall we? Let’s tell them following …

Creating Products
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Creating products only require 2 simple steps!

1. Finding a niche you’re passionate about ant that is popular with others.
If you don’t already have one, you want to select a niche that you are at least interested in (better: passionate about).
Being passionate about a niche makes it so much easier for you to research and write about it. It also makes creating products a lot simpler.
Your passion, know-how and interest will shine through to your customers.

It should also fill a need for the public. People must be prepared to pay for solutions in your niche.
On the other hand, you don’t want there to be too much competition. Otherwise you’re setting yourself up for failure.

It’s quite easy to find your niche. Just check sites like Ebay, Amazon and Yahoo Shopping. is another great source.

What you need to do is find out what is popular, what people buy, what they are interested in.
Each of these sites mentioned above provides you with stuff that is hot right now. Like Ebay Pulse .

Or take Amazon. Select a department in the left menu. Then click Go next to the search bar. Next, at the right of the search bar, select Bestselling or sort on price. Average customer review is another selection criterion. Do the same for books.

Read forums to see what questions people are asking. Read the latest news! Your ears and eyes are your best research tools. Ask shop assistants what is popular. Read trade publications, you can often discover topics before they become mainstream.

2. Creating products!
When you have your niche you can begin creating products. And the first thing you need to consider creating a product that will sell well. For this there are a couple ways to get help.

The first way is to watch the news and create a product based on the latest tidings. For example, you might want to create a book about preparing for a natural disaster if an immense natural disaster just occurred.
Another example is creating a product about how people can get the job they want or about job alternatives or how they can save money if the jobless rate is soaring.
Pay attention to what’s happening worldwide and decide to make products in response to that.

Another way to creating great products is to see what kinds of products are already selling well.
If a certain diet is popular at the moment then you include a similar diet in a new product you create. Or tap into the popularity of a fad by making a product that is related to that fad.

Creating products based on the right selection can make all the difference with whether you are successful with Internet Marketing. All you have to do after creating products is follow the six simple steps to build a highly profitable niche business.

If you’re looking for a proven step-by-step system for finding hot markets, creating products people are eager to buy (even if you’re not the expert), and how to get it to market in the shortest time possible, while on a budget, check out my affiliate link to this Infoproduct Creation Guide

Then share your thoughts about creating products.
Post your comments below.

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11 thoughts on “Creating Products That Sell!

  1. Finding a perfect niche is important and finding right topic that sell within that niche really need a good research. Thanks for this insightful article Stevens.

  2. Case Stevens says:

    Thanks Steph. I’m doing ok, how about you?
    The graphic took a while to find, but it was time well spend I guess. 🙂

  3. Owen Johnson says:


    Good reinforcement of what I already knew. I recently made the decision that I need to create my own product in my niche instead of selling an affiliate product or products. Just as I need to have a niche I’m passionate about, I think I’d be best off with a product I’m passionate about.

    Not to mention, I’d have more control and if I feel the need to pay someone to write me a great sales page, it would be worth it. There are several products in my niche on Clickbank but none of them have sales pages that would make it hard for the reader to turn down their offers.

    Thanks for sharing useful information, as always.


  4. Great tips – what products have you created then? Any examples of your work you can share?

  5. Case Stevens says:

    Check out
    This was the first site created by this Internet guru.
    All he did was publish delicious recipes of his grandmothers favorite food!
    Tell your story. Now you’re just showing some facts. Tell the story behind the facts, because…
    facts tell, stories sell!

  6. I have an affiliate site and have started a “review site”. Finding a niche has been difficult for me and your post has offered some ideas that I had not thought of previously. Thank you.

    That graphic was great.

    Walt Gemmell

  7. fbk says:

    Hi there,

    I think you raise a lot of very good points in your article! Especially screening the market and what is hot at the moment in order to determine the right niche for your product is absolutely crucial.

    In fact I made the experience of rushing away with a business idea before deciding whether there will be a good niche market I can occupy. Luckily the next time I was scanning the current and acute need of the “online population”.

    Another note (this is just my own opinion): When you do start developing a product, try to release it often and early and let the customer feedback guide you into the right direction.
    I love the example of flickr who at first wanted to build and online game, but soon realised that the photo feature within their beta version, was the most demanded aspect of their product…

    Thanks again for the good article and best rgds

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great information on finding a niche. One thing to emphasize is to find a niche that you enjoy. Because when you do become successful at it, you will have the desire to take it to the next level. I look forward to your next post.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think you are always best to go for a niche market product that isnt available oll over the internet. You also need to go for something with a decent profit margin per sale (which probably means a ticket price of over £75 or $100) if you are going to be able to market it via the usual channels such as adwords, ebay amzon etc as they will all want their cut.

  10. I think that having our own product can have a boost to our income and at the same time create a branding for ourselves.

    Thks for showing us how to know what products to create for our niche.

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