3 Big Reasons To Create Your Own Products

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Why Create Your Own Products?

So, you want to create your own product.

Well, you’ve made a good choice. I’ve been telling this to marketers for a long time. Yes, you can make a nice living as an affiliate marketer, but if you want to rake in the really big bucks, you need to create your own products.

Need reasons?
This article is going to give you plenty of reasons. After reading it, I have no doubt that you’ll be convinced that creating your own product is the way to go.

The biggest reason for creating your own product is complete control.

As an affiliate marketer, you are at the mercy of the product creator.
The price of the product, the sales page, the customer support… everything is out of your control. If the product creator decides to reduce the commission percentage from 75% to 50%, well, you have to live with it.

I’ve seen product creators literally destroy their products with some of the changes they make and in turn, they kill their affiliates chances for making sales.

Another big reason for creating your own product is competition.

As an affiliate, you are competing with every other affiliate who’s promoting that same product. Unless you really have some serious affiliate marketing skills, you’re not going to get many sales.

As a product creator, not only don’t you have to worry about competing with other affiliates, you get other affiliates to help you promote your product. One super affiliate doing that can land you hundreds of sales. I have personally had many affiliates over the years promote my products for me.

Still another advantage of creating your own product is making a name for yourself.

As an affiliate marketer, you’re promoting somebody else’s product and in the process, promoting somebody else’s name. It is doubtful that anybody is going to even remember who you are after they’ve purchased the product from you. Think about it. Do you remember all the affiliate marketers you bought products from?

In addition to name recognition, there is also the opportunity for addition income. Each product you sell, if created properly, can lead to additional sales. I have some products that one $20 sale leads to another $200 of income in many cases. With affiliate marketing, these chances are limited.

Yes, creating your own products is a great way to earn a nice income online. However, product creation does take some doing. In my signature is a great guide that I put together with my friend Justin Michie on product creation. I am sure you’ll find that it’s the best guide you’ve read on the subject.

Why create your own products? I think the reasons are obvious.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim
Complete Guide To Product Creation

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