How To Create Successful Info Products In A Flash

I often get emails from people asking how to create successful info products of their own in a terribly fast way.

They just don’t know!

Others say, they have no time to create their own products. Or they feel it’s tedious work. Or they just don’t dare or are afraid to even start the job, believe it or not.
These are all lame excuses for not acting upon valuable information!

Long time ago I learned that close to a 95% of all people owning raw-, public domain- or private label content do NOTHING with it.
That was when Jimmy Brown launched his Nicheology membership site -then called Profit Vault- to provide ‘Products in the Rough’, raw information files that are perfect to create successful information products easily.

Such high percentage in fact is very strange, because everyone is jumping on raw content. The huge success of membership sites providing raw content of this kind of information proves that.

So here’s the strange situation that everyone wants to have private label information or raw content, but hardly anyone is creating info products with it.

I’ve used that to my advantage and here’s how.

Many years ago I created a system to convert raw content into high value information products. Since I use a template to do so, I can spit out info product after info product.

Mind you, I’m still doing the tedious work of converting raw content to create successful info products, but the time involved has decreased tremendously.
That’s why, for instance, I was able to quickly create a nice cookbook for the Great Cookbook giveaway in order to build a huge list in that niche. Just an hour was all it took to get my contribution uploaded at the site.

I’ve done that many times.

I just copy and paste the raw content into my template, change a few things here and there, add a few affiliate links if appropriate and include a nice table of contents.
Then I convert, on the fly using Open Office, the data into a secured PDF file and create a quick sales page.

By the way, here’s how to create PDF files using Open Office:

I upload the stuff and presto…
another ‘set and forget’ income stream is ready to make money online.

You can do that too!

Because I just created another high value report, but this time NOT from raw content.

I’ve described how my system to create successful info products works using Open Office, the free open source suite. And I included a template. Plus two videos, so you can watch over my shoulder and see how I use my system.

Want to know more?

Then check out my system at

How To Create InfoProducts In A Flash.


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One thought on “How To Create Successful Info Products In A Flash

  1. Gil @ Healthy Food says:

    I’ve used your product to create my first info product and I must say: it works amazingly well!
    Thanks for explaining in simple words, so an absolute beginner like me can use this to make some money!

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