8 Simple Ways To Create Blogs In Order To Suit Customers

The atmosphere of blogging is a very tense one in the sense that competitions go on at all cardinal points.

Why it is so is because it is a very easy task to accomplish and also it is a free thing for you to begin a blog without permit.

There are many things that make your blog stand out and I will list briefly, some of them for you to digest before I vomit all the information because I have this feeling that if I don’t bring them out in time, someone might get me tied to a stake.

So, some of them are:

  • Go niche: what I mean by this is you ought to pick a topic that interests you and you really think will benefit your audience and research deeply into it. The more the topic niches, the easier it will be for people to get interested in it and also get hooked to you and your blog.
  • Post all the time: umm, I don’t really mean you should over-post stuff on your blog; but, what I mean is that you must be updated always because the more you keep feeding your blog, the more people will flood your site thereby increasing your traffic.
  • Be well personalized: being yourself is the only way your blog can sound as good as you want it to. Put some humor to it, even if you feel are not the jovial kind, try as much as possible to put some into it because it is one of the things that will make your blog shine.

Anyway, that is just the tip of the iceberg and with all these said; let us move to the dining table to eat the main course.

How to create a suitable blog

  1. The first thing you must get into your head is to know your audience.
    Knowing your audience can be in different forms and they are listed below;
  2. The use of analytic tools is the first and examples of such are FeedBurner or Google Analytics and it is important that you try as much as possible to know what they want before writing. You can also use Google Maps and Guestmap.
  3. The second thing you must know is that you must keep personal information out of your technology blog. It is okay for you to post personal things on your blog but when it comes to technology thing, it is just so weird for you to do that.
  4. Don’t apologize for not blogging much: If you make an effort in this area, you will make your audience disappear; and to start from scratch will be very difficult for you to do that.
  5. Avoid politics: it is very important that you avoid anything that has to do with politics because there will be so much arguments and it will be just trash; so, it is best you avoid it.
  6. Don’t blog silly: if you think you can’t blog right, it is best you don’t blog at all. Blogging is meant for everyone and no one. So, when there is a barrier that cannot be broken in you, the best thing is to drop your pen and wave your white flag or assign it to someone else.
  7. Think before you blog: before blogging, you must be very sure of what you want to post and know that what you are putting on your blog is what everyone needs and do it the right way.
  8. Don’t post trash: what I mean by trash is that most people post rubbish on their blog-no offense- and post it for people to read. The truth about all these is that it is not compulsory for you to post a very long stuff because you want to occupy space or you love writing. Take the right precautions and the best will be seen of that blog.
  9. Don’t over-quote: it is not right for you to quote all the time because it will make your blog very boring. Well, you might want to prove me wrong by saying that other bloggers do it and get away with it. They are the popular ones, so, I don’t advice that you put yourself in their class because you might end up hating yourself at the end.

In order to create the most interesting blogs, you need to do the following:

  • Be sure to check for any grammatical errors, so, you won’t be mocked.
  • Learn to format the right way and also use the right pictures to keep your post in check.
  • Have comment slots because this is what makes your blog lively. When people speak their minds and expect your response, it is the best way to keep the vibe going.
  • Solve all spam from your comment slot.
  • Claim whatever feed that rightly belongs to you and once that is done, redirect your subscribers and you can also re-categorize the site.
  • Decide the URL that is ideal for your blog and endeavor to use it often, especially when there are comments are attracted by your blog.
  • Use simple URLs for popular posts because it will attract more traffic and you will be pleased with yourself.
  • License your blog.
  • Make it an easy thing for your readers to subscribe to your blog and it can be made that way by creating a subscription link, creating a large feed icon at the top and other necessary ones.
  • Ensure that you have contact info, so your readers will be able to talk to you when needed.
  • Have an about me page which will briefly tell your audience what you are about and what the blog is about too.
  • You can also use social bookmarking services to do most of the jobs automatically.

With all these said, I am absolutely sure that these will help you in more ways than one and you will get to thank me when we come across each other next.

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