Conquer Your Niche

There’s a new forum called

It says, that it will ‘transform Newbie’s into Super-Hero Marketing Machines!’ by giving them the chance to rub shoulders with the Internet Marketing Elite.

Well, whether that’s true or not remains to be seen, but I have to admit that when I signed up I saw some great names there already.

The “conquer your niche” forum is a discussion forum where business owners meet to talk about making money on the internet. It brings together tens of thousands of online marketers in one spot!
The goal of the forum, according owner Russell Brunson, is “Learn To Think Like They Think, Act Like They Act, And Profit, Like They Profit”.

Although it’s brand new, I found this forum worth while.
You should sign up for free and keep an eye on it.

As a very nice incentive, Russell has added an advertising system to his forum.
Every time you read or post a message you’ll earn credits, which you can use to show your ad in the forum.

That’s a nice extra, but you shouldn’t expect too much from it, unless …

unless you apply the viral aspect of this advertising system.
You see, for all of the people that sign up for as a result of your promotions (all the way down through 5 levels below you) you will earn more advertising credits!
And such viral strategies work best, when you sign up early, so you still can reach lots of people not already in this.

Check it out, right now.


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