My DOfollow Comments Policy

I LOVE to see your comments posted on my blog, IF…

love comments

you add a great and valuable contribution to the discussion!

And if you leave your awesome comments, you should be rewarded with a DOfollow link back to your site. Because that’s exactly what you deserve for such efforts!

However ….

Most blogging software come with a ‘nofollow’-feature installed. That means, that although a link is created, it is of little or no value, because the search engines will not ‘DOfollow’ the link and credit your site with link value.

This ‘nofollow’-feature originally was implemented to prevent spam, but instead it’s now used to prevent backlinks. That means, that everyone who makes the effort to add valuable content to my site will NOT get rewarded for the wrong reasons.
In fact, they’re punished.

That didn’t sound good to me.
Spam should be fought with anti-spam measures, NOT with the exclusion of a DOfollow link!

Therefore, one day, I decided to remove the ‘nofollow’ attribute and add a DOfollow instead.

Now that I have set that one straight, I encourage you to post useful and valuable comments. By that, I mean submitting information that adds value to the discussion.
And if you do, you deserve a juicy DOfollow backlink from me.

The same applies to a trackback link.

Only ….

Since there IS so much spam around, and since comments are often used to spam the blogs, ALL comments are moderated! By ME!

That means, I have to check every website and I can read English, Dutch, French, German and a bit of Spanish, but Romanian, Russian, Bahassa Indonesia and Turkish, just to name a few, are very difficult for me to follow.
If I can, I will, but if I can’t, I’ll delete them.

Another way to get your comment deleted instantly is an About-page that starts with ‘This is an example of a WordPress page, blah blah blah’. That tells me you’re not taking your blog serious.

Links that I will delete immediately:

  • irrelevant links, that is: links to NON Internet marketing related sites
  • worthless comments (that have nothing to do with the content and are only submitted to get link juice), like

    “Ooooh what an awesome article,
    I will use it for my web at: (URL).
    Thank you so mucha….”

  • affiliate links (tsk, tsk, tsk, don’t know how to do this properly?)
  • links to sales or any other promotional pages, garbage, adsense or scraped content sites
  • links to offensive sites (porn, hate, violence, gambling)
  • links to directories, traffic exchanges, games, etc.

For the rest, it’s up to me. I’m quite tolerant, but don’t push it too far, otherwise…..

No DOfollow link, comments refused

So please …. don’t spam the comments section of this blog, so I can keep the link juices flowing!

Of course it’s up to you, but I encourage you to do the same. After all, THAT’S what makes the Internet tick!

On another note, from time to time I will add Top Commentator to the main page of my blog.
Served on a first come, first shown basis, I will show 8 of them, using a DOfollow link.
Each month, the tally will be reset.

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8 thoughts on “My DOfollow Comments Policy

  1. Case Stevens says:

    Since a couple of weeks I’m using Spam Karma 2 to detect spam.
    This plugin does a wonderful job, sends me a nice overview of actions taken by email and allows me to moderate doubtful comments.
    Moderating using this plugin is a breeze!

  2. Case,

    Very generous of you, giving out link juice to those commenters who you think deserves it. Much kudos to you.

    I actually was reading your post about Powerful Alternative For WordPress Adsense Plugins, which you discussed at and was about to leave a comment at that post but decided to read your comment policies first.

    Ended up leaving the comment here.

    Anyway, I’ll probably just bookmark that post and learn how to integrate it with my blog so I can have better control of the adsense placements which is very difficult with adsense deluxe.

    I struck gold when I found your site, just the right one for a wordpress newbie like me.

    Thanks mucho.


  3. Case Stevens says:

    De nada Manuel.
    Glad you like it here. Come back soon.

  4. Case Stevens says:

    Hi Bud,
    It’s a pity you don’t have your name on your blog. Would make it more personal, especially since you share your story with your readers.
    Great blog by the way.
    In general, the no-follow feature shouldn’t be used to fight spam. Instead, it is meant to avoid passing link juice to the pages you refer to. Some great plugins are a better solution to fight comment and trackback spam. Check out Andy’s site too.

  5. HR Blog says:

    Hi Case,

    I actually have had great success with defeating spammy comments by using TPAS (typepad antispam). I used to use Akismet and several others out there that have been mentioned here that do it in different ways. I just got tired of how much “chaining” the antispam plugins slowed down blogs that I switched entirely to TPAS. I believe it’s still in beta, but then again.. so is gmail.


  6. Laurie Lacey says:


    I personally will comment regardless of whether “No Follow” or “Do Follow” tags are used on a blog. However, I admit that it is always very nice to have that “Link” out there promoting my site.

    For me, the main thing is the “content” of the blog post. If it’s something that catches my interest, I’ll likely leave a comment.

    All the best,

  7. Bollywood Songs says:

    Personally, I am not a big fan of dofollow thing. I tried this on one of my blog and unfortunately, I started getting 10s of spams every day. I believe spammers run some scripts to find dofollowing blogs and they found mine. It was so irritating so heaps of worthless comments every other hour.

    Rahul Bhakeja

  8. Case Stevens says:

    @ Rahul
    And that’s why you come here and comment on an old post with a PR4.

    Great question. All the comments you see on this blog are about 25% of the total comments received.
    Real spammers are easy to delete, using SK2.
    The problem are those that post lousy comments or are only here to get link juice.
    Takes time, but I still do it.

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