New Clickbank Adsense Plugin

There’s a new Clickbank Adsense plugin available for WordPress.

It shows recommended Clickbank products, closely related to the keywords of your blog posts. And the links carry your Clickbank ID.

There are many ways to monetize your blog.
If you have thousands and thousands of readers, selling ads is a great solution.

But for many, many others, one of the best ways to generate money from your blog is affiliate marketing. If you write valuable posts, you’ll probably get the highest clicks.

That is, IF you use some form of contextual advertising. Which means you have to closely relate your promotions to the content of your posts.
Therefore your posts should contain solid and usable content in addition to the soft, integrated sales pitch. Write as if you were talking to a friend so that it doesn’t come across as too sales-y.

Adsense comes to mind as one of the most simple solutions. But unless your Google Adsense income rocks, chances are you probably earn cents per click (I found the appropriate text Google Adcents somewhere).

Promoting Clickbank products is another easy way, only…
…how do you find products suitable in your blog posts?

Thanks to the Clickbank Adsense plugin that problem is solved, so you can now utilize Clickbank, one of the biggest affiliate networks on the Internet.

This plugin will use your post tags as keywords to display targeted affiliate products from the Clickbank marketplace.
You also have total control how the ads will show on your blog and how many of them. And you can custom color code the ads to make them blend in with your blog design.

If you don’t use tags in one or more of your posts, the plugin will use a predefined keywords list. You can create this list inside the plugin settings tab of your WordPress admin panel.

Clickbank Adsense Plugin

You will need WordPress 2.7 or newer to install this Clickbank plugin on your server. The plugin won’t work on blogs hosted by You need a self hosted blog.

This is important: your blog is your castle. YOU get to decide which content to put on it and YOU get to keep your ad revenue.
That’s why it’s more effective to promote affiliate products on your blog rather than any other form of monetization. Affiliate commissions have a much higher payout!

By the way, this Clickbank Adsense plugin has an affiliate program, so you’ll be able to recoup your investment with just two sales. I’m using my affiliate link in this post! πŸ™‚

Check it out. You should be able to make some money with this plugin.
Let me know what you think.
Post your comments below.

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10 thoughts on “New Clickbank Adsense Plugin

  1. Andrew @ says:


    That’s looks like a great little plugin. Would be even better if you could add the links to a side bar.


    • Case Stevens says:

      I think it is Andrew.
      It was meant to be placed in the post part and you can’t change that within the plugin.
      But maybe the creator is open for suggestions. πŸ™‚

  2. Success Coach says:

    This is a good feature from Clickbank. There are indeed so many ways for you to earn through the Internet. The best thing to do when starting out is to do your research and find someone who will guide you. I was able to read as many materials as I can. And I also found a great mentor. Now I can say that I am successfully reaching my goals with earning online.

  3. Erik Ortega says:

    Finally they released this plugin! It’s going to help so many of us who are struggling! Hopefully, once TriFilliate PayDay goes live more people will make money!

  4. Dean Saliba says:

    I’m just starting out with affiliate marketing (only started aa week or so ago) and I think this plugin could help me.

    $47 is a bit pricey for me as someone who is starting out though. Maybe I should wait until I’ve sold a couple of products first.

  5. SEO says:

    Sounds interesting even though the conversion rates on my blog for clickbank in the past have been poor, even when super targeted. Adsense is always reliable for me and clicks average $1.50.

    Still might try it out to see how it peforms.



  6. Reggie Barnett says:

    This seems like a great plugin to use when you have a lot of readers and great content, but you don’t always have to sell products from affiliates sites you could sell ad space and allow other related sites advertise on your website.

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