How to Choose the Right CPA Network

CPA networks are a great alternative for affiliate programs and Adsense driven income sites.

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Which means that these networks pay you for the desired action your visitor makes on your CPA offer page.

For many that’s a lot easier than making the sale to receive a commission. That’s why CPA offers are so popular these days.

Since there’s a huge variety in CPA networks and the programs they offer, lots of people though have troubles finding the right CPA network.

Deborah Dera knows how to choose the right CPA Network.
Hence this guest post. I’ll let her do the talking.


In the world of internet marketing, the acronym CPA does not stand for “certified public accountant.”
A CPA network, or Cost Per Action network, is one in which you work to generate leads for a company.

You don’t earn commissions for making sales, but earn a guaranteed income for simply generating leads and sending business to a particular website.
CPA networks often contract with a wide variety of business, across numerous niches, making it easy for you to find a network with products you’re actually interested in promoting.

The problem? There are dozens of CPA networks to choose from and deciding which to go with can be difficult. Here are some things to consider.

Talk to Other Marketers
The best way to find out which CPA networks are best is by simply talking to other marketers.
Join a group like the Warrior Forum or continue to read blogs like this one. If you ask, most marketers will tell you about their experiences – both good and bad.
Look for responses from internet marketers you respect and trust. Their input will prove invaluable.

Search the Web
Use your favorite search engine to do a quick search for CPA networks.
Make a short list of the most popular and then do some research. Visit each site to learn about their terms and payout amounts and then do some additional searches on the web to read about the experiences others have had with the networks on your list.

People who are happy (and those who are unhappy) tend to write blog posts and articles about the networks they deal with and many do so without being prompted. You’ll learn quite a bit from the articles others write about their experiences.

Call the CPA Network
The CPA networks you are considering will ask you a ton of questions about your online marketing experiences before allowing you to work with them.
That does not mean you shouldn’t ask them some questions as well. Find out who you would be working with, ask about his experience within the industry, and ask about the type of support you’ll be getting from the company as you work to send them business.
Use your gut instincts and don’t spend too much time with any company you aren’t comfortable dealing with.

The number of CPA networks you have to choose from is staggering. Some offer easy approvals and others take more time. At the end of the day, though, you’re the one bringing them business. Make sure you end up with a reputable company that has earned respect within the industry.

Deborah Dera is a full-time freelance writer specializing in personal finance, bankruptcy, bad credit loans, health, fitness, blogging, writing, and more. She is the founder of Write on the Edge and offers unique content creation solutions to businesses looking to enhance their online brands.


So, what do you think?
Which CPA Networks do you use?
Post your comments below.

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One thought on “How to Choose the Right CPA Network

  1. Karen says:

    My issue with CPA and affiliate programs — and even paid blogging — has been that most advertisers target only North American clients, so those with blogs whose target audience is in Asia seem to have very marginal opportunities for making money through online advertising.

    Of course, it’s perfectly understandable that advertisers target North Americans, as they are the biggest Internet users. And since most companies are apparently in North America as well, I can imagine what a huge difference that will make in shipping costs.

    But what I’d like to know, please, is if you know of any places where we can find advertisers that are looking more towards Asia. I’m not very hopeful, but I figured, it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

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