Can We Make $50,000 Tomorrow?

Tomorrow I will participate in Dr. Mani’s Mini Heart Kids Blogathon.

The Heart Kids Blogathon is an annual 24-hour blogging marathon to raise awareness about Congenital Heart Disease and to generate funding to sponsor life-saving heart surgery for poor children. Contributions will be in favor of the Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation.

In his mission statement there, Dr. Mani says

1989 – It was the year I grew up.

When I realized – and accepted – that life is unfair.

1989 was when a 22-year old held my hand as his life ebbed away

1989 was when I lost a loved 8-year old niece to an untreatable kidney ailment

1989 was when I watched helplessly as a teenager succumbed to a terrible severe viral infection.

It hurt. Terribly. Deeply.

And proved beyond doubt that life isn’t fair.

But that’s ok.

We just need to tweak the odds – in our favor.

That’s what technological advances, evolution – indeed survival
itself – is all about.

Tweaking the odds in our favor.

Last year, Dr. Mani managed to raise over $26,000.
Goal this year is $50,000 and $9,718 is already donated.

We need your help to do that.
Please click the link to donate for a great cause.

Dr. Mani himself will blog for 24 hours!

All other participants, including myself, have agreed to blog for 4 hours, creating a post every 30 minutes.
I have a few posts in my mind, but I also want to interact with other participants, if possible. I’m very curious to see how this works out ‘SEO wise’. If I detect something of interest, I will let you know.

Anyway, visit this blog and all others tomorrow and PLEASE… donate!

On behalf of Dr. Mani and all the children there …. THANK YOU!

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  1. Good lunch with your blogathon Case. Mine has been under way for a couple of hours now. Its surprising how quickly 30 minutes go by 🙂
    you can find me at Internet Marketing Women Blog

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