What Every Business Owner Must Know About Business Website Design

Just like the design and layout of your store effects the way that your customers view your brand and make their purchases, the design of your website matters.
Business website design is an overlooked corner of the industry, with many business owners taking an “if I build it, they will come” attitude.
The problem with this is two-fold.

Two Reasons Business Website Design is Important

First, if everyone is just building websites and giving no thought to the design and usability, then all the websites out there would probably suck. They don’t.
And even though many do, it’s the websites that take that extra step to stand above the mediocrity and embrace web design as a feasible means to boost traffic and business that accomplishes those very goals.

Second, if the site isn’t designed properly, search engines will rank it poorly for user friendliness.
While the exact algorithms aren’t known, it is widely accepted that search engine giant, Google, is leading the charge for more “user friendly” websites to be at the top of the search engine results pages (SERP’s).
This means that Google will crawl your site and look for signs of a well-designed website such as a good hierarchy, page titles, no errors in coding, no warning messages, WP3 compliant, CSS, etc.

Web Design Can Make or Break You

So what does this all mean for you, the average business owner looking to launch their first website or update their current one?
Well, it means that business web design matters and if you ignore it, it can come up and bite you in the rear later on. In fact, without good website design for business websites, your site might not even get enough momentum to jump up, let alone grow teeth to bite you!

business website design
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The bottom line here is that you need to pay attention to the design of your site to ensure that you get maximum efficiency.
Things like worrying about your color scheme matter. For example, blue is seen as a trusted color and it’s why so many websites out there have blue color schemes. If you want to take blue and use a lighter or darker blue, you likely have a great color scheme in the making (perhaps throw some gray in there).

On the other hand, yellow is an annoying color for most people on websites. It isn’t easy to look at or read.
Throw in some hot pink in there and you have what is referred to as a “hot mess.” No, that isn’t a good thing.
You don’t want to make your viewer’s eyes hurt when they look at the color of your website. You want them to feel calm, informed and ready to make a decision or purchase.

To Hire a Professional Web Designer or Design Your Own Website?

So, if the issue of business website design is so important, is it worth it to hire a website designer? That depends:

  • On the one hand, professional website designers know coding and that’s often the best way to get a properly working website that won’t cause you problems in the long run.
  • Of course, with the amount of free website builders out there (many of which come with your web hosting package), website design is now easier than ever for the average business owner or person to take on.
  • One of the biggest issues that business owners have when working with web designers is communication.
    Lack of communication—or miscommunications—often results in a website that isn’t ideal for any of the involved parties: not you, not the designer, not search engines and certainly not audiences.
  • Using website builders and other DIY web design tools, you can control every aspect of the site yourself, though you will have to learn the latest tools, trends and basic concepts of web design yourself. For some, this proves too time-intensive.

In the end, the decision to use a web designer or go it alone is completely up to you. For some, the decision becomes much clearer after trying a website builder provided by a webhosting company. From there, you’ll either know if taking on your own web design is for you, or if it’s time to give the keys to the site to a professional web designer.

Dan Mill, the author of this guest article writes frequently on behalf of Livecity.com. Are you on the lookout to create your own website? Fret not and check out livecity.com today for more details.

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