Using Content Discovery Tools to Boost your Content Marketing Efforts

If all your content marketing efforts revolve around creating fresh, original content for websites and blogs day in day out, you’re in for a treat! This post will transform content marketing for you, into an easier, more manageable and less demanding marketing initiative.

Sure, creating fresh, new content is important. But you’ll agree that it is tedious and frankly exhausting, if you have to do it every day. No wonder therefore, you’re not as frequent in posting as you’d like to be. Creating high-value, high-quality content takes time after all.

Thankfully, it’s not your only option. Say hello to content curation!

Content curation ups your content marketing drive!

You can discover good content from the great world wide web and sharing pieces you believe to be interesting or entertaining. Why so? For the simple reason that curated content is easier to put together. You can curate great content faster than you can create it. Content curation thus makes you more regular, consistent and timely in delivering content marketing to the intended audience.

A good idea is to intersperse original content with popular content curated from trusted industry sources. Presenting a mix of the two is a great way to add variety to your content as well. Monoculture, you’ll agree is never a good thing – not in the society, not in your content marketing strategy. Also, you will be able to cut down costs associated with regular creation of fresh content.

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That makes a pretty solid case for content curation, doesn’t it? Think about it – how many easy techniques allow you to boost engagement, build a fan following and cut down traditional content marketing costs as well? Not many. The trick of course, is to curate brand-relevant and audience-appropriate content.

Content discovery tools offer remarkable functionality to content marketers by further simplifying the already low-effort technique of content curation. Here are five of them that you’ve just got to have:

  1. Feedly

    Feedly allows you to discover, save and share relevant content from the Internet on a single, easy-to-use web interface. You can monitor news and content from your niche, follow reputable sources of information, subscribe to RSS feeds, gather and organize information plus personalize content.

    The tool searches the Internet for sources of information similar to the ones you prefer and sorts content according to time and relevance. You receive updates from these sources, which can be accessed as a single stream of information in your Feedly newsfeed, or under different categories. Now that Google offers the Reader no more, Feedly can also be serve as your primary RSS tool. Dedicated apps for Android and iOS ensure you can curate content on the go, from your mobile as well.

  2. BuzzFeed

    Ah BuzzFeed! Who doesn’t love it? The content discovery platform has been a huge hit since it’s inception as a viral lab in 2006. Today, it is followed by over 150 million users around the globe. The platform uses a host of analytical tools to detect “trending” stories on the Internet and brings it to you either through the news-feed or through mail.

    You can accesses breaking news, popular topics and original content. You can also connect with other content marketers on the platform, on a real-time basis. BuzzFeed integrates social media tools as well to provide a richer content-discovery experience. It focuses separately on each of the three categories of social, news and lifestyle-based content. There’s an app dedicated to the discovery of news-based content only.

    Alternatively, try The app is powered by BuzzFeed and displays a dynamic feed comprising 50 of the hottest stories on the Internet.


    With, you can create your own web pages with interesting “scoops”. Get it? Get it? The tool is a great way to easily publish content and boost visibility plus engagement. The web pages are called Topics, which in turn, contain relevant content called Scoops. These Scoops are generated automatically with the help of a simple keyword search. You can also define your selected interests and the tool will start finding relevant content for you.

    What makes the tool a top-five is its user interface. The UI is efficient and incredibly easy. You have zero limits for customization! You can choose a variety of information sources and a variety of ways to interact with that information, including sharing it with your audience. There’s a one-click publishing option, with which you can share content across multiple platforms.

  4. AutoSocial

    Although it is the youngest in this list, AutoSocial is quite a handy tool for stress-free social media management. The app discovers content that is relevant and popular according to the keywords or themes that are specified, and then lines the posts up for sharing through the user’s Twitter account or Facebook page.

    Users have the option of editing the recommended posts as well as posting custom content. The app runs in 2 modes, ‘Autopilot’ or auto-approve mode, and the ‘Schedule’ mode – in latter the posts get pushed to linked accounts only if you manually schedule them, while in former, the posts are automatically queued up for posting. In both modes, editing, customizing and deleting is possible.

    The cool and clean app is designed to save tons of time. Social media managers can easily automate content instead of spending countless hours researching and curating it. Currently offered in beta, the costs nothing (free currently) and promises to add more features soon.

  5. PostPlanner

    And this one’s specially for the Facebook users. The content discovery tool allows you to easily manage content on your Facebook page. You get to discover, organize and publish content with ease. After reading the content you discover, you can schedule it for being posted on your own Facebook page.

    Considering how Facebook remains the undisputed champ in sending social traffic to brand pages, the tool is one dynamite for content marketers that focus on Facebook. The tool claims to help you save two hours daily by posting on schedule. Further, it bills itself as the provider of “scientifically proven” viral content that triples your engagement. Worth a try for all Facebook marketers!

Jessica Davis is a Content Strategy expert at Godot Media, a leading content services company. She has a vast experience working with online businesses and fine tuning their content marketing strategy.

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