Ultimate Blogging SEO Tips for the Year 2014

Bloggers usually love to create large communities to form a parade of enthusiastic readers and this is where SEO plays a crucial role! Without a good search visibility, it is very difficult to find people who are interested in your content. And, if you are not available in the top search results, they may not find you to read your stuff.

Search Engine Optimization is living for many years and there are many best practices that are primarily driven to obey and attract Google. But unfortunately many tips that are revolving around have been outdated.

Though few of them are still in practice, it seems to be not actionable. Here, in this post, I would like to provide you some insights and tips in making your career as a successful blogger!!

Following are some guidance that you may add up to your regular SEO campaign. Always don’t narrow your strategies, have vast and wide strategies and balance both on-site and off-site optimization activities.

  • The most important on-site consideration is the quality of your content.
  • Users always look for results based on categories and the type of content, hence first think about your visibility rather than rankings.
  • Build quality links rather than quantity.
  • Consider user intention while choosing keywords, because the traffic that is coming to your site depends upon the visitors who are intended to do business with you.
  • A steady improvement in organic traffic is the sole indicator for a genuine SEO.

Post Setup:
It is not enough if you have interesting readers, it is also equally important to have the blog that is rightly constructed for the search engine, so that readers can find and read it.
Hence, it matters a lot on how you display the content to the search engine. Keep in mind that even an outstanding content must be optimized in order to target huge audience.

  • Keep the URL of the post more or less same as the post title.
  • Have the default title of the post as the title for Meta Tags.
  • Include keywords in the title most preferably at the beginning.
  • Always have a unique catchy title relevant to your content.
  • Provide a best attractive and relevant call to action message in your Meta description for optimum click-throughs.
  • Social sharing is co-related to ranking, so make use of social media sharing buttons.
  • Read and obey the search engine guidelines with care while considering SEO.
blogging seo tips 2014

Always choose SEO-friendly themes that add weight to the appearance of your content. It only matters on the way how you set up, use and manage your blog in order to get visibility on the search engine.

  • Don’t overuse blog rolls in the sidebar because excess site-wide outbound links may impact your ranking.
  • Always have your own domain rather than buying others.
  • Do selective internal linking of your previous blogs.
  • Don’t overuse keyword optimized anchor text unless they flow naturally with relevancy.
  • Make use of webmaster tools in order to analyze and fix broken links and unnatural links.
  • Don’t involve in link exchanges as it will affect your SEO.
  • Don’t forget to improve the loading speed of the pages by some techniques like compressing images, clearing cache, etc.
  • Keep all versions of your blog and resolve it to www.domain.com version.

Now focusing on readers has become a bit easier than how SEO was before. Google is getting smarter in its algorithm and now SEO copy writing has got its way of presenting the content without any precise rules of displaying keywords.

  • Only unique and original content outranks
  • Keywords in headings or subheads with unordered lists are getting more powerful than plain text keywords.
  • Useful, relevant and encouraging content for readers will make a better impression to the search engine.
  • Word counts are not much important, but usually longer posts ranks better than shorter ones.
  • Make use of long tail keywords and keep updating with the current analytics of popular keywords.

It’s nothing but making a correlation with the content and the author. In the near future we can see authors with high authority can outrank other authors, which is being important for bloggers to participate in the authorship campaign.

  • Participate in Google+ and apply for authorship.
  • Write high quality original content on Google+ posts.
  • Place your Google+ profile link in all the blogs you write for.
  • Provide a perfect headshot for the profile as it will be displayed in the search results of your content.

Off-Page Activities:
Do link your blogs to the high quality and authority sites that are relevant to your niche so that search engines may find your content more frequently and assume it to be useful and interesting. Engage in SEO off-page activities to establish and maintain your recognition.

  • Optimize videos on your YouTube channel.
  • Avoid link building on article banks and press releases that are not worthy.
  • Constantly review your link profile and eliminate broken links and bad links.
  • Post relevant content in authority blogs and gain inbound links.
  • Do link bait by inviting other bloggers to post content on your blog that increases your traffic and build shares.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Please do share your views and ideas on your SEO strategies. Any comments and tips are appreciated.

Amy Jasmine is working as a freelancer for the Chennaiwebs SEO services in Chennai, who also loves to blog and hunt for the latest ideas and innovations in the field of SEO. Blogging is her passion and craze!

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