Increase Blog Traffic: WordPress Trackback Video

A great way to increase blog traffic is using the trackback feature of your blog.

Basically, a trackback is a communication to another blogger telling that you’ve posted something relevant to their post.

If you receive a trackback message from someone else, it means that your post was interesting enough to elaborate on it on their blog and you receive traffic and a backlink.
If you yourself use a trackback link, it usually appears as a summary comment and brings you traffic again.
You can see that in action at famous Seth Godin’s blog (which you should read anyway).

So actually trackbacks allow you to exchanges links, traffic and thoughts.
That’s very powerful in order to keep the web alive and even more powerful to let someone find your blog.
It’s so easy. You create a new valuable post, but instead of just publishing it, you first try to find a similar post on another blog that you can elaborate on. Use the trackback feature and …
you’re exchanging links, traffic and thoughts!

Now, lots of people have no idea how to increase their blog traffic using trackbacks.
So, a great instructional video would do well here.

Here’s is a video showing How to do a WordPress trackback to get more links and traffic video (link removed, video has been removed by the user).

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