10 Blog Carnival Benefits That You Can Profit From

Becoming part of a blog carnival is almost exactly how it sounds.
It is a way that multiple blog owners can get together in a single locale to advertise their websites.
These carnivals center around a predetermined theme for anyone to join.

How can a blog carnival help you in your traffic needs, and how do these carnivals work?

  1. Free – Most blog carnivals are free to join, as long as your blog meets the theme’s criteria. The Internet is full of bloggers who have created their own version of a carnival and welcome content from nearly anyone. If you can’t find a carnival theme that fits your blog’s niche, it’s easy to create one yourself.
  2. Search Enginge Optimization – One of the most proven methods of helping a website in search engine optimization is the creation of backlinks. Joining several blog carnivals is a near instant way to generate those links for page rank popularity.
  3. Readers Abound – There are millions of people who enjoy reading blogs on every subject imaginable.
    These readers frequent the carnivals in order to find his or her next favorite website. These visitors to the carnival could enjoy your post and may be interested in reading more. A new, possibly repeating, visitor to your blog’s website is born.
  4. Reputation Building – Even if your blog doesn’t start off as a popular site, it doesn’t mean you should give up.
    By posting content on various carnivals, your name is seen in a variety of place and will begin to stick into the minds of readers. Again, the more times your name or website is featured, the better your search engine ranking will become.

    Blog Carnival
  5. Blog Carnival Posts – The blog carnival host will create a page of several posts from blog owners.
    Each of these posts is a condensed version of the blog’s content with a link back to the actual website. Readers can skim through the list of blogs and find information they are looking for, and then visit the blog owner’s website.
  6. Community – When using a blog carnival to promote your website, you become part of a community. Thousands of people are out there to help you cultivate the best blog possible with tips and experiences. You would be wise to take advantage of this knowledge.
  7. DIY – By creating your own blogging carnival on your website, you can greatly increase traffic. Not only do the bloggers themselves explore your site to see if it is right for them, but the content generated is excellent for SEO.
  8. Quality – When submitting your content to a carnival host, you want to make sure you put your best work forward.
    The host has to monitor and edit all posts submitted, and some may not make the cut. If your blog post isn’t available at the carnival, don’t be discouraged. Some carnival hosts sift through hundreds of posts and select the best ones that fit the carnival’s theme.
  9. Vigilance – Blog carnivals are very common and can spring up at any time. Keeping an eye out for carnivals that fit your niche could help get more of your content out on the Internet for visitors to see.
  10. Quantity – Develop a list of blog carnival promoting websites. You can start with BlogCarnival.com to find information and locations of carnivals. Blog carnivals are added on a regular basis and can provide a great deal of information on where and how to get your blog promoted.

Blogging is one of the simplest forms of producing a website. It allows you to share your knowledge, vent your frustrations, or promote any niche you can think of.

If the blog is set up and marketed well, it could easily replace a full-time income. Joining a blog carnival is just one more method that can increase your traffic and make the most of your website.

Jason Miner, expert freelance writer, is approaching different bloggers to recognize each other’s efforts through “www.blogcarnival.com”. Contacted him at jasonminer8atgmaildotcom.

What are your experiences with blog carnivals?
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