Aweber Tips And Tricks for the Advanced Marketer

Aweber is one of the best email marketing services on the Net. Some people still call their service an Autoresponder, but it’s not, as I will show you below.

Of course there are others, like GetResponse and Email Aces and they’re good too. In my opinion however, Aweber beats them all.

Their delivery rates are among the highest in the industry. Because they’ve build a great network with ISP’s and as a result thereof they’re able to get themselves whitelisted from many spam lists.

That’s also backed up by their subscription policy: every subscription must be confirmed and they don’t allow import of any lists. Thus making sure that every subscriber agrees to be in their database. Security first!

But they also have stunning advanced options that you can use to perform some astounding things with your subscription forms, messages and lists.

Let me talk you through some of these miracles.

  • Creating Aweber subscription forms.

    There’s a wealth of templates available that you can choose from, suitable for any kind of niche. Select one and from there, like a WYSIWYG editor, it’s drag and drop to create a subscription form you like.

    But what you like isn’t that important and that’s why Aweber even allows you to create two forms that you can split test so can discover which one performs best.

  • Behavioral Segmentation
    If you click the ‘Track Clicks’-button, you will enable the Aweber Quickstats and that gives you the opportunity to see all kind of statistics about your email broadcast.

    You can then discover who opened your message, who didn’t open them, who clicked the links inside your message and who bought your product or service you’ve promoted.
    You then can use these statistics to segment these subscribers and send them specifically tailored messages.

    The most evident technique to apply this segmentation is to send subscribers who didn’t open the message another broadcast containing a subject line like: “Seems you missed a great chance, you can grab it here again”.

    Or, you can ask your subscribers who didn’t buy a product you offered for feedback about their reasons not to buy. The answers can be a powerful way to drastically increase your conversion rates next time by improving you offer, sales funnel, copy or product.

  • Include or Exclude Other Lists
    If you have multiple lists, then chances are that you will have the same subscribers on different lists. That’s because they may be interested in more than one topic you provide information about.

    This could lead to the situation that your email broadcast may land several times in the same email account of your subscribers which may lead to annoyance.
    To prevent this from happening, you can use the Include/Exclude box. All of your lists will be shown then so you can select which lists you want to include or exclude by checking the boxes.

  • Suppression
    Suppose you’ve sold 30 copies of a $99,97 product as a result of a broadcast to one of your lists. You want to squeeze out a few extra sales by offering the same product for a 25% discount.

    Sending that squeeze broadcast message will certainly make the buyers angry, because they feel deceived as they’ve paid a higher price. To avoid that from happening, you must add the email addresses of all the full price buyers to your ‘suppression list’. Thus your new discounted email message will not be send to them.

Now, these are just a few examples. I’m sure you can think of more situations where these features will fit like a glove.

An email management service is not just about storing email addresses in a database to send the occasional broadcast. The emphasis here is on ‘management’ and that’s what you should think about in a quiet moment. The better you can target your subscribers, the higher your conversions will be.

Aweber makes that happen and that’s why I’m happy to include my Aweber affiliate link to endorse this outstanding Email Management Service.
Click it and you’ll see what I mean.

Do you have other Aweber applications?
List them below in your comments.

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One thought on “Aweber Tips And Tricks for the Advanced Marketer

  1. Jeff says:

    Aweber might cost more compared to a self hosted autoresponder. But it is worth every penny.
    They have the way of getting off from the blacklist and spam filter, a feature I am willing to pay premium.

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