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I’ve written about article writing many times. Just click the ‘Valuable Articles/Tutorials’ link right above here to check it out. These posts are meant to get you going setting up your own article marketing campaign.

Still, many people do not grasp the sheer impact that article marketing can have in their overall Internet marketing efforts. Why?

Because they just don’t realize that each and every day, thousands and thousands of people are desperately searching for high quality information that they can use on their sites and blogs to present to their readers.
YOUR articles can very well serve as a supply to this HUGE demand for great quality content.

Your articles can be picked up by this market when you distribute them to newsletter directories, individual publishers, blog owners and anyone else looking for content.
Since, in general (unless you specify otherwise), the condition applies that the article is not altered at any rate and, above all, the original resource box is retained at the bottom, article marketing can be a great tool to generate traffic to your site.

Article Marketing
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Thus you can use article marketing to brand yourself as the expert in your niche, sell your own or affiliate products and collect email addresses so that you can start an email marketing campaign with further information and offers.
As an -important- side effect, article marketing builds one-way back links to your site.

Another, very important effect of article marketing is, that if you provide great and valuable information within your articles, everyone who clicks on your resource box to learn more, is a TARGETED visitor!
I hope you know what to do with that!

A lot of marketers are influenced by duplicate content comments, stating article marketing is not as hard-hitting as it once was. That’s great, because the more people believe article marketing does not work, the less competition there is for people like you and me.
Because… it still is effective, VERY effective indeed.

Article marketing basically is free, unless you hire ghost writers and use paid submission services. Just write your own articles and submit them to the article directories by hand.
If you get the hang of it, I suggest you use Isnare to have them distribute your articles. It’s one of the best I found on the Net.

If you’re not confident about your article writing skills, read my posts in the Valuable Articles/Tutorials. Then you can try writing one and test it. Here’s some extra help.

Download Your Free Article Marketing Guide

To give you a head start, you can read and implement an awesome Article Marketing Guide that I have available for you for free, although you have to do something to get it.

Inside this guide, you’ll discover important issues like:
– what should you not do in article marketing,
– what you should do in article marketing,
– getting ideas for your articles,
– how to make them sign up to a list,
– how to track your articles and
– a lot more!

To grab this outstanding guide, just subscribe to my update newsletter and I’ll show you how to get the guide in my welcome email.

what are you waiting for? Get your copy now.
After reading, please let me know what you think about it.
Post your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Huge Article Marketing Market – Free Guide

  1. Case Stevens says:

    @sachin Owning a website promoting different advertising strategies doesn’t imply that this strategy is bad!

    @Justin The anchor text to be used is the one in your bio. Not allowing links in the article adds more quality to it.

    @Ruben Check out the directories and see what’s hot. is a good start.

    @Scott Great story!

  2. Venkat says:

    Sachin, I think article marketing is not much about getting traffic good or otherwise. It is about getting a good back link.

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