Your Article Marketing Campaign – 5 Tips for Improving

An article marketing campaign can be a very effective form of marketing- if it is used properly.
If this form of marketing is not used properly it will only end up wasting your effort and your time.

You can use article marketing to promote your business’s brand and increase the amount of traffic to your website. It can also be used to improve your site’s ranking by the major search engines.

Article directories and websites receive a large amount of online visitors every day. If you are able to connect your website to articles from these directories and are able to offer the reader something of value, then odds are you will vastly increase your website’s online presence.

Here are some tips that can improve your article marketing campaign:

  1. Submit an article to an article directory website that is in-line with your website’s niche.
    So, if you own a website that sells gardening supplies, make sure you write an article based on the topic of gardening. This will accomplish several things.

    First, the people who want to read an article about gardening are much more likely to want to click on your links and see your gardening website.

    Second, you will be filling your article with high quality in-bound links. These are links that are directly related to your niche, which will be more highly valued by search engine algorithms. This will help search engines to rank your website higher on its SERPs.

  2. Use high quality keyword links in your articles.

    This will also improve how search engines rank your site. It is a good idea to place these keyword links near the beginning of the text, because it will make it easier for search engine crawlers to locate them.
    Google’s free keyword analyzer tool is an easy way to find out which keywords you want to use.

  3. Avoid keyword stuffing at all costs!
    article marketing campaign
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    Keyword stuffing refers to adding too many keywords and keyword links to your article. This sounds like a great idea because the more links and keywords you have the easier search engines will find your page right?
    This is not the case. The major search engines have algorithms designed to locate sites that are considered to be overly promotional and will penalize such sites. So keep your keyword density around 1%-4%. This will help prevent your site and article as being labeled as a “keyword stuffer”.

  4. Make sure that your articles offer something of value to the reader.
    Too many article marketers think that simply getting their articles out onto the web and filling them with go-to links will get the job done. It might- but you stand a much better chance of making your article marketing campaign profitable by submitting articles that offer something of value to the reader.

    So again, if you want your readers to eventually end up at your gardening website, then offer real and valuable information related to the topic of gardening. This will bring your article more readers and more traffic.

  5. Get good at writing articles!
    In order to make your article marketing campaign profitable you want to write up a decent number of high quality articles. This means you will want to get very good at writing your articles and you don’t want to spend too much time doing so.

    If you are not great at writing articles you can always hire a copywriter or a ghostwriter. Try Elance if you want to hire a freelance article writer to save you time and effort.

A properly run article marketing campaign can vastly increase your websites SERP ranking and traffic generation. A poorly run article marketing campaign will waste too much of your effort and time.

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How do you run an article marketing campaign?
Post your comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Your Article Marketing Campaign – 5 Tips for Improving

  1. Raj says:

    Article marketing is a tricky game. People spend less time writing articles for these directories but spend more time for articles to be written on their own site. While this is ok, its better if the focus equally on the articles to be submitted to the article directories as well because the number of page views/ and the number of people clicking on your links are going to be much higher for them.

  2. property management software says:

    We got the whole article writing wrong in the beginning. Most of the time we wrote about general things that are not related to our field. However, after w while we started reading up blogs like these and started writing articles that are closely related to real estate and property management software. We also learned great deal about anchor text and resource boxes. Thanks for helpful hints.

  3. Harley says:

    Article writing is key for search engine success and getting good ranking for your keywords,an Article written in a lucid language ,easy for the user to follow will not only bring him great amount of traffic but will also boost its rank in search engine,if you want to be best in the search engine then you have to supply food for the spider that is Good content
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  4. Boston Marketer says:

    Good post and great tips. Sadly it seems with the last two rounds of Google updates to algorithm, especially the second one in Fall of 2011, the article directories don’t give as much link juice as they used to.

    It’s still a good idea to use it though, as you get both links and visitors.
    A better way to distribute articles is through an article syndication system. Not auto-programms, but a list of sites you’ve built up over time whose web masters want to publish your articles (even if not unique) on their site.

    But this is obviously a much more time consuming method. Very effective though if you work it long enough.

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