Are You Clueless?

Wow, another excellent Paul Myers’ TalkBiz News newsletter issue today.

I sincerely wish Paul would create an archive or post his newsletter to his blog, so I could link to the individual issues.
But for whatever reason, he doesn’t.
That leaves you no other option than to sign up for TalkBiz News! (Aha, there’s his reason: you MUST sign up! 🙂 I suggest you do so right away.)

So, since there are no archives, let me explain a bit.

It’s about someone who took action, created a good product, wrote a sales page and yet doesn’t get anywhere.

And he’s clueless as to why!
Are You Clueless?
This person is afraid to touch anything he has built or even make minor changes to his web pages without fear of breaking everything.
“I just don’t take risks”.

His hard drive is filled with great content and advice (and he says he reading the stuff!), yet he’s afraid to experiment and to learn from his errors. Which is why he will stay clueless.

Actually, he’s paralyzed by the fear of failure.

And that’s a big mistake, because doing that is the exact right way to learn how things should be done correctly.
In fact, you should fail as fast as possible.

Are you clueless?

Apart from failing, you could also ask for help. Lots of people online are willing to help you, sometimes even for free. Which is worth a LOT, since they spend their precious time on you.

You find these people in forums and membership sites. The Warrior forum is a great example. Tons of questions are asked there and millions of great answers and alternatives are provided.
If you use the search feature at that forum, you can learn more than from any high paid Ebook or report.

How about blogs? Look at the top of this page and you’ll discover great articles and tutorials that you should have read.
And then there are tons of other bloggers and website owners offering great, free advice.

Yes, at some point you have to pay, but when that moment is there, you already know so much that it will pay back soon.

By that time you should also have build at least a beginning of your own network. Because you can’t do it alone. You’ll need friends who want to help you out. Business friends that is. That means you have to share your profits, but they will share their resources with you.
That’s how you build an online business.

Building your own network is the best thing you can do. It will leverage your efforts, big time! And mind you, it’s not that you should know everyone… it’s that everyone should know YOU! Inside your own network, that is.

Of course it takes time and patience to build such a great network. But you can speed it up. By joining “The Internet Marketing Inner Circle”.

TIMIC, as we call it, requires a one time high ticket fee, but there’s also a new option with easy monthly payments.

It’s the place where a group of 18 authors created
“20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online”.

(If you haven’t grabbed your copy, I urge you to do so right now. Don’t forget to sign up for the customer-only affiliate program, that pays 100% commission, right into YOUR PayPal account. Sell only one and your copy is free. All other sales are pure profit. That makes it easy to generate a nice extra income before Christmas.
You can do that. It’s easy.)

It was a joint effort, including 9 reviewers and several technical people taking care of setting up websites, order processing and other scripts.

Working together makes things easy as you can fully focus on your part of the job. You don’t have to worry about other things.

And you will befriend many people, who are willing to help you creating your products and promoting them.

Just read the testimonials at the sales page.
I personally KNOW all these people by now and a lot of others, because I actually WORKED with most of them.

Also, be sure to read the one from Dan Klatt who joined recently. Dan hits the nail on its head!

THAT is the power of a close community as TIMIC! Building your personal network.

Check it out and don’t stay clueless!

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