Smart Amazon Affiliate Uses These Tips To Explode Commissions

After trying and disliking several forms of monetization, I ended up falling in love with the Amazon affiliate program. I think it’s an excellent way for even the complete beginner to start making some money.

You see, as an Internet marketer, I’ve been in the industry for several years. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and spent more time than I would’ve liked to find a way to REALLY make money. When I first got started, I tried several different ways to make some good money online.

How the Amazon affiliate program Works and How Much You Can Earn

What I really love about Amazon is the simplicity. All you have to do to make good money is create some affiliate links on a website and send traffic to them.

Obviously the hardest part these days is getting traffic, but once you have enough of it, you can make Amazon affiliate commissions quite easily. The program is very simple.

People who’re looking to purchase products online find their way to your website; they end up clicking your affiliate links and purchase some products from Amazon.

You get commissions for ALL of the products that people buy through your affiliate links. I couldn’t think of an easier, more passive way to make money from the Internet.

Today, I use the Amazon affiliate program to make good money, and I want to help you to do the same.
Below, I’ll give you some of my best tips.

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The Importance of Honest Reviews
When you’re trying to make money as an Amazon affiliate, you’ll need to write reviews. At the end of the day, it’s the reviews that are going to send your traffic to Amazon, where you’ll be able to earn commissions on products they purchase.

The problem is that many affiliates are doing reviews DEAD WRONG. I want to debunk the myth that you must own the products you’re promoting. I will say that it’s ideal if you actually own the products, but it’s not required to make money as an amazon associate.

It’s definitely possible to write great product reviews that actually help the visitors who read them. So, how do you write reviews that truly add value? The mistake that many affiliates make is writing product reviews that offer nothing more than what can be found on the Amazon website.

They’ll create a short 300-word description of the product and nothing more. Think about the buying process. What do you do when you go to buy a product on Amazon?

You search for the type of product you want to buy, and next, you search through a few different product versions to find the one that seems the most appealing to you.
Once you’re on that product’s page, you probably scan the front page of reviews to get the big picture of the product – in other words, you ‘get a feel’ for the quality of the product, value for the money and how likely it is that the product will satisfy your needs.

As an affiliate, this is all you need to do to create product reviews that offer true value. Complete the task of scanning the front page of reviews for the visitor.

Add the good, bad and ugly to your review and BOOM – you’ve managed to add value by saving the visitor some time, even if you only saved them a few minutes. Think about how much time you’ve saved visitors after your product review has been read 1,000 times?

Keyword Research Isn’t As Important As You Think
You always hear other marketers talking about the importance of keyword research, and while I don’t disagree that it’s important, it’s not nearly as important as you would think if you’re an amazon affiliate.

Instead of spending hours upon hours on researching keywords in the traditional sense, your time is better spent spending minimal time on keyword research and more time on getting content up and ranking to REALLY get a feel for what niches are noncompetitive and lucrative.

When you get out there and test for yourself, you’ll find that some of your pages rank easily for keywords that looked impossible on paper, and other pages targeting keywords that look amazing on paper NEVER rank. When you dealing with search engines, this is the nature of the beast.

Useful Plugins for Amazon Associates
If you’re building websites, then you’re probably using WordPress to do it. If you’re not, then it’s time to start! For those of you who play video games, plugins are like ‘upgrades’ for your character (website).
They make it possible for your website to do things that you never thought possible and can make life as an Amazon affiliate that much easier.

To be honest, I don’t use a ton of plugins on any of my sites, but I do believe there are some VERY helpful plugins out there for affiliates.

First, there is the Amazon affiliate link localizer.
It makes it easy to add affiliate links to your posts and automatically localizes the link, so when a visitor from the UK, for example, clicks on your affiliate link, the link will send the visitor to the correct amazon, so you get a commission.

Another plugin that I’ve used is the amazon product in a post plugin, which enables you to add amazon products to your website that are preformatted and look sweet.

Although I don’t really recommend sidebar widgets for monetization with Amazon associates, there is a plugin called Amazon post purchase.
With this plugin, you can display Amazon products that are directly related to the content on your page, and the products are displayed using a sidebar widget.

I hope these tips will help to propel the income you make from the Amazon associates program. Even if you’re not currently a part of the program, you can go join it and start making money in no time.

These tips are from years of experience building and ranking websites and monetizing them with the Amazon affiliate program, and I hope you’ll use them to make even more money from Amazon associates.

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