Affiliate Marketing and How to Avoid Scams

Affiliate marketing is one of the most tried marketing methods for people coming online to make money.

Because of this success, many affiliate scams have occurred already. So the question now is how you can avoid being scammed?

That’s what this guest post is all about. If you’re into affiliate marketing or thinking about it, pay attention and read the following article carefully. It may ‘save’ your online life!


How to remain scam-protected in Affiliate marketing?

People want to have their own business for various reasons. The most common one’s being them feeling undervalued, underpaid at their current jobs, to create a secondary source of income or simply becoming one’s own boss.

However, the cost and the risks involved in the same discourage most. A safe alternative here is Affiliate Marketing, where you are able to work for yourself without any risk or any investment.

Many people have tried becoming an affiliate, and have even been successful.
But, as with other businesses, affiliate marketing has also fallen prey to a number of scams. There are many con artists on the internet, waiting to dupe the first time affiliate marketer.
In this story, we will discuss about ways to identify a possible scam, and general tips to help you market your product or service.

Affiliate marketing programs don’t have any membership or joining fees. The only way you get paid is when you make a sale of the product or service which you are marketing. When you encounter a supposed affiliate program, asking you for a set-up charge or any related charge, it may well be a scam, as becoming an affiliate should ideally be free.

The exception to this is a multi level marketing program. Though an earning in such a set up is possible, you’re likely to end up in a loss, if you’re unable to sell the products which you purchased from the program.

The internet is filled with ads which advertise opportunities to help you get rich quickly. Be aware, as these may be scams.
With the exception of a few affiliate marketing companies, who use shocking headlines to grab the web surfers attention, these ‘quick to get rich schemes’ are likely Pyramid schemes. The only money circulating in such business structures is that which was invested by the people who joined this program.
These pyramid schemes are not only illegal, but also result in a loss and possible legal consequences.

affiliate marketing: pyramid scheme?
Photo Credit: Marco Bellucci

Con artists have become rather creative in their efforts to scam innocent new affiliates. For example, ads claiming to help people earn ten thousand dollars in one month’s time only make it easy for them to fool people in to investing their time and money in their scam.

Additionally, con artists also take aid of photo editing software (e.g. Photoshop) to create ‘testimonies’, where people show their sales commissions. Those commissions are morphed, to make the affiliate believe they too could earn high figures in the shortest amount of time.

It is important for the affiliate to know what he/she may be selling. Doing adequate research over the internet, about your product and possible techniques used to sell the product, is a healthy practice. However, this is also a known fact to con artists, who take advantage of this habit of new affiliates, and sell self help e-books.

These e-books offer the same common knowledge which is freely available over the internet, but at a charge. This can be avoided by taking the assistance of a search engine which would provide the same information, absolutely free.

As a conclusion, one can surely avoid such scams by educating themselves with the help of the internet.
Check whether the company has given adequate contact information.
Check if the payment gateway is from a third party provider as that provides you an additional level of protection. If you believe you have been scammed, you can contact the third party and inform them. In most cases, they will refund your money immediately.

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2 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing and How to Avoid Scams

  1. Jane says:

    A friend used an Affiliate company and when it came to payment he was told it could not happen because of “Technical Problems”

    After lots of research we ended up finding out that some companies do this type of thing as common practice and because we think its a technical fault people and companies continue to pay in for longer. He never got his money back which suggests an important point to note is the country of the Affiliate marketing company.

    Should you pick one from your own country to ensure you have a better chance of tracking them down in the event of a serious problem? I wonder. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Case Stevens says:

      In general, you should select well-known and reputable companies that can not afford to have negative publicity about their affiliate programs.

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