RAPBank, Affiliate Directory for Instant Commissions

There’s a new affiliate directory showing thousands of INSTANT affiliate program commissions.

It’s called RAPBank, after the payment system Rapid Action Profits.

One of the big advantages of using RAP as a payment processor is, that it’s possible to have your affiliates earn instant commissions.

It’s exactly these kind of instant paying products using Rapid Action Profits that are listed in this RAPBank affiliate directory.

So, if you want to promote other people’s products and receive instant commissions, check out this new affiliate directory.

After signing up, you can use a variety of affiliate links to send traffic to this great new affiliate directory (and that’s exactly what I do here). If that leads to a sale, you will earn an affiliate commission just as if you were sending your visitor to that product site directly. And it works for ANY product listed on RAPBank — not just the one you sent them to see!

But there’s more, much more!

Affiliate Directory RAPBank logo

Because RAPBank lets vendors using RAP integrate their sales pages directly into the affiliate directory using a free add-on. So, within minutes after installing the add-on at your RAP site, your products get listed in RAPBank. How is that for extra promotion?

You’re only allowed to register one domain name for free. You can add additional domain names though by buying them in pack of 5 at 5 dollars per name.

The affiliate directory is a membership site in WordPress, integrated by another RAP add-on. It’s so new, that it’s a tad confusing as to what you should do first, so let me help you a bit here.
In the Dashboard, you’ll need to click on ‘Getting Started’. There they explain how to verify your PayPal account in order to get your affiliate link.
The download page for the FREE RAP Bank Vendor Add-on is: http://rapbank.com/vendor/

There is a need for instant commission affiliate products. Some people, for instance at the Warrior forum, tried to generate a huge list of this kind of affiliate programs, but it’s a lot of work to keep such a list updated. That’s exactly what this new affiliate directory does.

Some amazing marketers, product owners, and especially a great number of affiliates have found RAP Bank already. Some “BIG Name” marketers are not only joining, but promoting!
Right now the affiliate directory contains a 350+ products, yes… with 200+ in the queue, submitted for approval.

I hope the next step is a kind of index system, that shows affiliates which products sell well. Sort of like Gravity in the Clickbank Marketplace. That will give a great indication of which products to promote.

But this is a great addition to the existing affiliate directories. In my opinion, recurring commission affiliate programs are amongst the best to promote, but there also definitely is a need for instant commissions.
RAPBank provides an overview of them and all you need to promote them is your primary PayPal email address.

Check it out. Sign up at RAPBank. It’s free, doesn’t cost you a penny. And if you see an interesting program, either buy it, from which I receive a nice commission :-), or promote the program.
Affiliate marketing doesn’t come easier than this.

After signing up, let me know what you think.
Do you think RAPBank is a great affiliate directory?
Post your comments below.

Looking forward to see your comments.


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5 thoughts on “RAPBank, Affiliate Directory for Instant Commissions

  1. Tweetomatic Profiteer says:

    Wow! Great idea!
    It have awesome future, idea is great, calling affiliate directory and instant commissions for affiliates.

  2. Reputation Management says:

    The thing to understand is RAP Bank is filling a need that has been building for a while. Vendors using RAP that are looking for affiliates and affiliates looking for ‘instant payment’ products. The second one is something that has been posted here on and off for quite some time.

  3. Grow Taller Naturally says:

    I’ve never heard of RapBank before. Seems it offers much more than other affiliate directories do.
    This should be my alternative beside ClickBank. Will register soon to try the differences 🙂

  4. Robert Brealey says:

    Hello Case,

    Just started with RAP Bank.

    Keep up the good work.

    Robert Brealey

  5. Gume says:

    Great stuff! I kind of kept a distance from affiliate marketing, but i’m sure I’ll try it out now. After all, there are currently almost 800 products available on RAP Bank (with more than 5000 users). It’s just sad that none of the other readers reported their experience here too.
    I’ll try it out and write my experience here. Oh, and thank you once more!

    Sincerely, Gume

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