Advertising Humor

Here’s a great example of using humor in advertising.
It’s from an insurance company in my country and here’s why this kind of advertising is so powerful.

Since the company is well aware of the fact, that insurance is boring, deals with the nasty things in life and always involves money to be paid, they decided to use a lot of humor in their advertising.

The company is called ‘Centraal Beheer’ and is established in Apeldoorn, a city in The Netherlands.

Every commercial of this company ends with “Just have to call Apeldoorn” and every Dutchman knows what this means: insurance!

But since they use humor, their slogan has become a proverb used by many people in daily delicate situations.
Thus they’ve branded themselves as the most optimistic insurance company of The Netherlands.

Here’s an example involving a guy getting needles placed all over his body (acupuncture, a Chinese healing technique). Watch to find out what happens next!

Funny Dutch CommercialWatch more funny videos here

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