Acquire Email List Subscribers When You’ve Extended Your Reach

At some moments it’s getting difficult to acquire email list subscribers.

These are the time that you may get frustrated, because you are out of ideas on how to get more potential customers. While you know that building a list is an outstanding marketing method!

Andy Ramirez has a few ideas that may help you out. His guest post is published below.

Pay attention if you’re serious about list building.

7 New Ways to Acquire Email List Subscribers

You know that your company’s email marketing campaign has potential; you just need to reach your market.

Getting prospective customers onto an email subscriber list can be a challenge. After you’ve exhausted the obvious steps – such as promoting the email list on your website, adding a list “opt-in” via your ecommerce portal, and even promoting the email list through traditional media, you might feel like you’ve extended your reach.

Fortunately, that’s not always the case. If there are still people out there in your target market that haven’t yet found their way to your email list, there is still potential.

Here are a few ways to add subscribers to your email list you may not yet have considered or implemented:

  1. Event-based acquisition.
    Whether your business is hosting an event in-house, you’re acting as a corporate sponsor for another event, or even if one of your reps is simply attending a trade show, you can leverage those events to add subscribes to your email list.

    For example, if you’re hosting an event consider holding a raffle. Ask them to sign in with a name and email address, or enter using a business card.
    If you have a booth set up at a trade show, have a fishbowl in which to collect business cards.
    If you’re sponsoring the local high school theater’s summer production, ask that a half-page ad be included in the program, and include information about signing up for your list there.

  2. Offer a discount or a coupon.
    One of the best ways to grow an email list – yet one that many businesses outside of the restaurant and grocery niches fail to take advantage of – is via discounts or coupons.

    acquire email list subscribers with hug coupon
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    Consider an autoresponder that instantly emails a coupon to a subscriber once they confirm their address. Offer occasional promotions like this via email to entice subscribers to stay on the email list, as well.

  3. Incorporate QR codes.
    Quick Response (QR) codes are gaining ground for a number of marketing purposes.
    Consider offering QR codes on your product packaging or on advertisements that take the reader directly to the email signup form.

    The main thing with QR codes is to make sure that the page the code directs the reader to is mobile-optimized. The vast majority of QR codes are scanned and read with smartphones, so you want the user to actually be able to navigate the site and sign up for your email list.

  4. Offer other lead generation products.
    Beyond coupons or discounts, you can offer other valuable items or services in exchange for signing up for your email list.

    A good example of this might be an e-book, a temporary membership in one of your programs, or even a free product sample. The same lead generation offers that you use via other media can be used to not only generate leads, but to funnel those leads directly into your email list.

  5. Leverage your social media presence.
    There are a number of ways you can grow your email subscriber list using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

    For example, you can tweet the link to your website’s email newsletter signup page.
    You can incorporate a Facebook form that allows the reader to sign up directly from your Facebook page. In this way, your social media marketing and email marketing efforts can be made to complement one another.

  6. Include sharing buttons in your newsletters.
    Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools your business has, and your email list is no exception. Make it easy for your subscribers to not only forward your newsletter to someone else, but give them a single-click button that will invite their friends to join the email list, as well.

  7. Promote your email subscription offer via a partner.
    In some cases, you’ll exhaust your own reach when trying to build your email list. You need a new pool of potential customers. Work with a partner – whether it’s a supplier, a company in your niche that offers a complementary product, or your own retailers – to gather email subscribers that you’ve not been able to reach.

    An email marketing campaign is only as good as the list it’s built on. You can have an amazing newsletter or an amazing series of email marketing offers, but if only a few people ever receive it, you’re not going to see much in the way of ROI. Try some of these new techniques to acquire new subscribers and grow your email list.

Andy Ramirez is the Director of Interactive Marketing for Vistage International, a business coaching organization that helps CEO members build better companies through unique executive coaching opportunities.

So, how do you acquire email list subscribers?
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