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Case Stevens
Hi, I’m Case Stevens.
You can contact me using the contact link in the menu.

What I Do
I run my Affordable Internet Marketing blog, where I want to help you as much as possible with your Internet marketing efforts.

How It Started
After being successful with a couple of other sites, I started Affordable Internet Marketing back in November 2004 as an experiment, like so many others.

My first attempt to publish this blog was on a free platform. I didn’t know squad about blogging and therefore tested the waters on rather save grounds.

I studied blogging strategies and techniques and learned about the nuts and bolts about blogging, like optimizing themes for search engines, RSS, plugins, track backs, commenting and so on. I really liked what I discovered and saw great potential in making money online with blogging, but it appeared that these features didn’t work well on the free platform.

Getting Serious
That’s why I decided to give my blog some real Internet space and in March 2007 I decided to host it on her own domain name, using WordPress.
I implemented all the good things I had studied immediately and started blogging seriously to build my blog to what it is today.

Why Should You Read Affordable Internet Marketing Blog?
This ‘learning curve’ is the reason I can write blog posts from my own experience and that’s exactly my goal:
I want to share my knowledge and build a nice community network of like minded people.
I’m convinced that this will result into a mutual beneficial opportunity.

What To Do Next?
Learn from me how to be successful online and exchange experiences. Subscribe to notifications for this blog.

See you at the other side.

Case Stevens

Just in ‘Case’ you’re interested, here’s where you can find some personal information.

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