77 Ways To Make Money Online – $100+ A Day

You undoubtedly know these “make money online” ads promising to learn you how to make thousands of dollars a minute, working from the comfort of your own home in your pyjama, right?

You see these ads so preposterously often that they may even start to make you doubt whether it really IS possible to make money online.

The question is how do they do that? You may not even make a thousand dollars a month, let alone per minute!

Well, the answer to this question may very well be: they don’t! That claim may be a a shade exaggerated. Bad luck!


working from your own home there are certainly ways you can make an extra $100 a day. Which makes a nice $2,000 a month.

Even more is possible, but let’s not magnify the claims here, ok?

make money online
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There are many ways to make at least $100 dollars a day. In fact, I’ve just finished reading a great report sharing 77 different ways you can create a nice online income.

It’s written by my friend Dennis Becker, who is known on the Net as a down to earth guy. Which he actually is, as I will show below!

Now, 77 are a lot of ways to make money online. You probably won’t like them all, but there should be at least 10 that you definitely can do.

Some of them require more work than others, but remember that you can mix and match. If you’re only able to get 2 of them going, then your monthly income will grow to a nice $4,000!
Most important thing is to have fun doing whatever you enjoy.

For each of the 77 ways to make money online, Dennis lists an overview and then fleshes them out a bit so you can start right away using some of them. He even tries to give you an estimate of how much you can expect to make for each plan.

As Dennis also explains, you need 4 things in order to reach your goals.

  1. First you need the goal, showing that you’re really interested in making money online or at least an extra $100 a day.
  2. Then you need a plan. Included in the report are 77 concise mini plans, just enough to give you an idea so that you can decide if they’re for you or not.
  3. Next, you need knowledge. A lot of of the plans are pretty easy, but some of them require special skills, like for example Photoshop or HTML skills, or the ability to install a WordPress blog. All these skills can be learned, but that’s NOT covered inside the report.
  4. The most important part: you need to take action. There’s no way you’re going to make money online without performing consistent tasks to do whatever it takes to get there. Yes, that means… Work!

If you are really serious about making money online you should get this report. There’s no limit to what you can earn using these plans, but let’s be conservative: a nice extra monthly income is absolutely achievable.

Get your own copy of this excellent make money online (Link deleted; offer was closed) report.

And don’t forget to post your comments below.

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8 thoughts on “77 Ways To Make Money Online – $100+ A Day

  1. Simon says:

    Number 4 is indeed the most important. I speak with a lot of aspiring internet marketers who complain that they are not making money online. And when I ask them what they’ve done, there is hardly any promotional action and certainly not the daily, weekly and monthly plan that they need to succeed.

    I think people mistake working from home with easy money. I tell them that if you want to earn a full-time living online you have to put in a full shift each day. If you want to do nothing, then that’s pretty much what you’ll earn.

  2. carts says:

    This is cleaver… especially in this time of recession we are all looking to make a little extra cash… and your 77 suggestions are very good and do-able for a motivated person.

  3. Case Stevens says:

    Calm down Jumoke.
    First you’ll need to establish yourself online, making sure you have a nice and guaranteed income.
    Only then you CAN consider resigning.
    But yes, it IS possible!

  4. “having fun while doing work”, that’s something most marketers don’t apply and perhaps that’s what making most fail. if you lack the heart in doing the business, then quitting it will always be a secondary option. I definitely agree with the 4 things mentioned above. But I do believe more in “taking equivalent actions” to what you have planned in doing. We tend to over-think on things, and that scares us alone. At the end of the day, it’s still actions that bring us money 🙂

  5. Raf says:

    I’ve tried to run successful website for a while now, a good bit of money spent on adwords didn’t feel right. After reading a lot of articles including wiki definition of web traffic I discovered that I’ve wasted loads of time and money. In this whole ‘traffic game’ there is a set of predefined actions that need to be taken everyday to achieve desired goal. One question pops to my mind what is the conversion cost of adwords vs. time spent on generating “organic traffic”?

  6. bab says:

    The most sensible money-making advice on the web. Seriously, I think people who fall for that get-rich-quick scheme are just well–how do I put it kindly–nuts! ^^ I find it easier to get a $100 dollars a day if you stick to what you are good or an expert at and work on that. Yeah, work.

  7. Eleazar says:

    One of the best ways to earn money online is creating a blog and monetize it with CPC network like Adsense and integrate it with Affiliate network like ClickBank. But all my written blog posts will become useless if I cannot attract targeted traffic into my site especially from the search engine, primarily Google.

  8. Ken says:

    Making money online is easy. People can make money online even if they have no starting capital. I personally was a telecommuter before I started internet marketing. I used to pick calls at 2pm in the morning. It was a great opportunity as I was able to gain exposure and raise capital to start an online business. I have written a book that tells my story and talks about the practical ways to making money online.

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