The 24-Hour HOT Product Formula

I’ve just finished reading Chris Rempel’s latest VIP report called “The 24-Hour HOT Product Formula“. And I LOVE it!

In it, Chris describes a simple 5 Step process, to make big money online – more than any other online activity. Mastering that simple process will allow you to write your own tickets.

This is what the so called “gurus” do, almost exclusively. And then they just repeat those steps over and over again in one hot market after the next.

It’s exactly what I wrote about in the past in posts like Mediocre Copywriting Skills? and How Simple Internet Marketing Can Be.

But… while the concept IS easy, execution can be a real problem for many online marketers.

Hot Products!
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Inside The 24-Hour HOT Product Formula, Chris says:

“But I’ve already tried selling my own product, and hardly anyone bought it! I can’t get affiliates (real ones), I can’t make decent money with it and I can’t get traffic! What am I doing wrong!!??”

The reason why many attempts to create an own product and get affiliates sell it successfully fail or deliver just some poor results, is because people just don’t understand how to recognize and present HOT offers or how to develop an effective sales process.

As I posted before, a lot of people are simply selling the wrong products.
Or they’re selling the “right” product, but with the wrong offer.

The most important thing to remember when selling products is: people do NOT buy what they need! They buy what they WANT.

Therefore, your prospects will always find money to buy what they really want. So…

… why not offer products that your prospects will make private sacrifices for in order to to buy them?

And that’s exactly the goal of Chris’ latest report!
It shows you how to pick out markets full of “rabid buyers” and hence how to recognize what sorts of products truly sell like crazy.

Plus… how to quickly produce hot-selling products of your own that you can use as leverage (and an initial starting point) to penetrate a market, make some big sales and even a fortune.

Chris also shows you how to create simple copy that sell like crazy and how to roll out your products.

This report only consists of 28 pages, but unlike Chris’s previous VIP reports, he added some great videos, so you can look over his shoulder to see HOW this famous Internet marketer is actually doing it.

Honestly, it’s eye opening for people who don’t know how to create their own products and sell them successfully. And fast!

If that sounds like you or if you’re not making enough money online, I suggest you get your copy right now.

To make the decision easier, I’ll even add a special bonus to the report that fits like a glove.

Because I’m going to give away a copy of my “22 Secret Hot Buttons” report for the first 10 visitors who buy this great report through my affiliate link and send me their PayPal receipt.

To get this free bonus (and to avoid disappointment if you buy this from someone else!), you first MUST clear your cookies and then use this link:
“The 24-Hour HOT Product Formula”.
Then email me your receipt (support -AT- and I’ll send you the bonus by email.

Get your copy now and let me know what you think.
Post your comments below.

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14 thoughts on “The 24-Hour HOT Product Formula

  1. Dropship says:

    Nice post on hot product formula. I found it true that people purchase what they want and not what they need. Amazing!

  2. Online Marketing says:

    Wow – this seems like a got to read. I think that we all have great ideas and things that people will want, but we do not know how to get it out.

  3. Internet marketing says:

    I do think that people tend to buy what they want more than what they need. Wants have a stronger pull then needs on people. Our needs will most likely be meet whether we buy them or not, were our wants we think will make our life much better.

  4. Kai Lo says:

    In your honest opinion, how effective is this program to you, and did you really use the program. It’s hard for me to believe people because most people just talk about a product that they have never used before just to make affiliate commissions.

    • Case Stevens says:

      @Kai Lo I just got the product, so I haven’t had time to implement all of it, although I already use many things Chris advises. I know Chris for a long time and I have ALL his special (future) reports (I bought them upfront as a special offer). Because his information is very valuable and comes from the trenches. Highly recommended. 🙂

  5. Internet marketing says:

    While it is good to pick a market that is full of buyers, it might be a better a idea to limit your niche or target a little more in order to get more sales and separate yourself from the rest of the bunch. Really good post.

  6. Online marketing says:

    Fantastic post people who want to know about product formula. i impress with it because it’s idea is so honestly.

  7. joe comp says:

    hmm its must be a hot product,hmm i remember when i am trying to be an affiliate a product sales,but in that time i can’t sell anything.maybe i must learn more to selling a product.thank you

  8. online marketing says:

    My sister created a product that she sells online. It is a pretty cool product but she doesn’t know how to push it well enough. She doesn’t get nearly as many hits as she would like throughout the day. I am going to recommend this book to her and see if she will read it to try and improve her sales. Thanks for the recommendation.

  9. DSFlyman says:

    Hmmm – I wonder if that’s how hot pockets got their start : )

    Sales is tricky no matter how you slice it. How to get your product in front of those who will buy it and then getting them to click are the challenges, anything that makes it easier -and works- is valuable indeed. I hope this is real and not more snake oil.

  10. Harry says:

    Firstly i would like to say that comment and responses on this post is quite good .

    As Far as online marketing says how to increase the online business so there is so many ways to increase your business like social networking which is very well known these days and so on……

  11. Internet marketing strategy says:

    A good product should sell itself.
    People, however, buy what they want from “people they trust”. The high number of IM product launches each year, make it increasingly difficult for new “work-at home folks” to segregate quality from hype. Affiliates, as a result, should present unbiased product reviews based on personal experience. This provides additional value to the customer.
    It also builds credibility/reputation and trust in the MMO niche, leading to long-term sales, more referrals, and higher traffic levels (presuming you own a website). IM products need more transparency.

    Ryan DSouza

  12. Landscape Lighting Fixtures says:

    The part that stinks about so-called ‘hot products’ is that people see them come and go, and it’s hard to get anyone attached to the idea it can be a ‘hot product’ but still be valuable in the long run.

    I see these commercials for things like ‘shamwow!’ and I think, sure, I could use it, but the chances of me ordering one does increase the longer it stays around because it proves to me it’s actually a good product and not just a fly-by-night gimmick.

  13. china funds says:

    Thanks for the info. I love Chris Rempel’s products. They are always high value and i get a massive return in investment. The last ebook i ordered from him was The Conduit Method. Excellent ebook. I recommended every IM gets it

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