10 Ways To Make $100 A Day

Following the Internet marketing niche, you see thousands of people who want to generate a full time online income and become wealthy.
Many have achieved that goal already and they’re expanding their businesses.

Others are still underway. Some are just starting out, others have set plans and goals to become rich and wealthy and are well on their way to achieve that.

But even more people online just want to generate an extra income, without having the intention of becoming Internet millionaires. All they want is a comfortable life style, which means that they can pay their mortgage, the car(s), school(s) some unexpected expenses and then some extra.

They don’t want the “$10,000 or $20,000 or more a month” kind of lifestyle. They are perfectly happy with a couple of thousands a month to supplement their regular income.

My friend Willie Crawford started a discussion about this topic at the Warrior forum. It makes a very interesting read.

For all these people, there’s a new product coming up next week. It’s an E-book, written by people who use certain strategies or techniques to generate an average of ONE hundred dollars a day.

Here are 10 examples of these ways to make $100 a day:

– Software creation
– Branding: Making Yourself ‘Memorable’ On A Small Budget
– Ghostwriting
– Creating and Selling Your Software Online
– Off line to Online Services
– Playing the Multi Level Marketing Game the RIGHT Way
– eBay Selling
– Trend Marketing
– Writing Articles
– Graphics

Mind you, these methods are tried and tested by the authors, who are ordinary, ‘all-day’ people like you and me.

They are members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, who spontaneously formed a group to prove they can create a new product. A product of exceptional value for all these people who only want to generate an extra few thousand dollars a month.

I’ve been following them closely. As a matter of fact, I’ve written a chapter too!

And I was able to read all other contributions.
That’s why I can assure you, this will be awesome.

Because the final product will not contain 10 ways to generate $100 a day, but 20.


All do-able.

For everyone!

Watch out for launch next week. And then buy your copy. You won’t regret that.

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