How To Get Your First 10,000 Visitors

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Hendry Lee made the cut. He sent in an interesting post on how to get your first 10,000 visitors to your site, one of the main problems most people starting out will experience.

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How to Get the First 10,000 Visitors to Your Blog or Web Site

Getting your content on the Web becomes very easy nowadays, thanks to the blogging technology.

Building a successful blog or site, however, requires more than just typing and clicking on the “Publish” button. It takes knowledge and skills to create a successful blog.

The good thing is, none of these are rocket science. Blogging can be very rewarding because you can work from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you want, get involved with the topic that you like and still make a good living from it.

Note: In this post, I’m going to use the word blog but you can apply the same tactics to web sites because blogs just are another type of web site.

One of the biggest challenges for every beginning blogger is to get traffic to the level that is significant enough to make money or grow a business.

A rocket uses most of the energy during the launch, but once it’s moving, the inertia becomes an asset to keep the rocket moving. This is comparable to starting a blog. When you get started, every visitor matters a lot.

It takes a lot of effort to make your blog visible, not to mention that you need to build credibility and establish your expert status.

Once you start getting steady and growing traffic, your loyal audience will eventually help you propel your blog to the next level. Every new post results in a few more backlinks to your blog. If you keep the pace by updating the blog with more good quality content, it can only grow because you get more readers and keep existing ones.

Before that happens, a lot of work needs to be done. For bloggers who wonder why they can’t seem to get their blog off the ground, I’d say this is to be expected. The problem is, if you don’t focus on doing the right things, you can actually be the one who pull the blog down.

Please don’t underestimate the effectiveness of these 10 blog promotion tactics. Perhaps you are already familiar with some of them, but a slight change in your approach can often bring meaningful improvement to the result.

With that said, let’s get started in our journey to the first 10,000 visitors.

1. Setup your tools
Technology is there to help you become more productive. Most likely, you have been using some of these tools:

  • A web browser – My personal favorite is Mozilla Firefox and Flock.
  • News reader – Subscribe to RSS feeds from related blogs.
  • Google Alerts – Setup to monitor terms related to your niche or brand.

2. Load your blog with great content
Content is the reason people visit and come back to your blog. Spend time to create really good articles on your blog. You want the readers to be impressed with the information you have on your site.

3. Comment on other blogs
If you decide to contribute to other blog in the comments area, make sure you leave something that adds value to the post. This is how you drive traffic back to your blog because impressed readers would want to know more about you.

Leaving blog comments is also a way to make the blogger recognizes you. With great information on your site, some visitors may become subscribers and link to your content.

Tips: Finding dofollow blogs and participate in the discussions build inbound links to your blog. That strengthens your search engine positions.

For bloggers who you’d want to build relationship with, consider adding their RSS feeds to your news readers so you can keep getting updated content from them.

4. Become an expert in discussion boards
Forums are a place where people who share the same interest hang out online. You can find public forums in your niche and participate actively. Don’t begin your first post with blatant promotion.

You need to build your credibility and name in the forum by helping others. Discussion boards usually have a signature section where you can display URLs to your product or web site. Forum regulars are more likely to click on your link if you’ve built a strong profile in the community.

5. Take advantage of online publishing sites
Squidoo and Hubpages immediately come to my mind. Those sites allow you to create pages on the area of your expertise. In Squidoo, you can load RSS feed from your blog using one of the modules.

Both of them let you link to external pages, so you can get referral traffic and backlinks at the same time.

6. Article marketing
You can re-purpose your blog content into articles for syndication in article directories. This is an easy way to get traffic and inbound links with anchor text of your choice. This strategy is very powerful yet doable for bloggers, because if you are blogging, you are already producing content regularly.

Many web site and ezine publishers also use articles from directories. Guest blogging and other methods of getting your content on other people’s sites are also considered a form of article marketing.

7. Use the power of social media
Many people claim that social media is the best thing since sliced bread. Probably an exaggeration, but there should be a reason behind it.

In November 2007, more visitors came to this blog from StumbleUpon than from Google. My personal experience showed that only with a few thumbs up (or votes in Digg) can brought several hundreds of social media visitors to my site almost overnight.

My blog post, 10 Blog Post Title Templates That Work Like Gangbusters, got 771 visitors from Stumble Upon in one day with only one review and 16 thumbs up.

While social media users have a short attention span, they will subscribe to RSS feed if you have an effective plan.

Once you reach the 10,000 visitors mark, you already have the skills to drive more blog traffic. With the inbound links, you may start getting organic search engine traffic traffic as well.

Hendry Lee helps bloggers overcome technology challenges in starting and growing their blogs. Get daily tips, techniques and strategies by visiting his blog at Blog Building University.

what´s your experience getting your first 10,000 visitors?
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