8 Yahoo Answers Traffic Tips

According to their own website, Yahoo Answers is a ‘knowledge-sharing community’.

The most remarkable element of Yahoo Answers is that the knowledge is compiled randomly.

If one of the members has a burning question she can post it on Yahoo Answers and wait for other members to come in and provide answers, no matter what topic.

That makes Yahoo Answers multi-usable, because you can ask questions about, for example, your new product before you build it and expect some interesting answers from potential buyers.

And of course you can browse the knowledge base for interesting answers on other questions and other topics you may have.

Yahoo Answers Logo

But we’re going to use this knowledge community to drive traffic to our sites.
You can achieve that by providing answers to questions on topics you consider yourself expert on and have your answer compete with others as being the best.

Because the best answer will get the most exposure inside the topic at hand and very good answers are occasionally featured on the Yahoo! Answers Blog. Which brings in even more website traffic!

In order to use Yahoo Answers to drive traffic to your site, here are 8 great tips.

  1. Check your spelling and grammar before posting the answer. Mistakes in spelling can be embarrassing and people will question your answers when this happens.
  2. If you don’t know the answer, do not pretend to. People can smell a liar a mile away, so answer honestly and only the things you know about.
  3. Try not to sound as if you’re chatting. Instead, use concise, informative language that gives them a straight answer without all of the filler.
  4. Do not answer politically motivated questions unless you’re promoting a political website. Otherwise, you could lose potential customers who disagree with your views.
  5. You do not have to only link to your website; link to your Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, or other page as well, since it will also ultimately lead people back to your contact information and home page.
  6. New answers to questions can be posted through RSS sign up, so use that for your questions and see what other people are saying. It’s a good way to see what the competition or other users are saying.
  7. As things change, make sure your questions change as well. In other words, current events related or technology related questions might need some updating later on as new information emerges.
  8. Although some answers require a link to other retailers or online stores, as a business it’s not a good idea to lead people to anywhere other than your website, or sites that relate to your business niche.

There you have ‘em! Eight Yahoo Answers traffic tips.

But that’s not all. I even have another 40 of these tips to generate more traffic from this knowledge community site.
You can get all 50 by just subscribing to my newsletter. After you’ve confirmed your subscription, you can download all 50 of these Yahoo Answers traffic tactics.

If you’re not familiar with Yahoo Answers, these tactics will short-cut your success! Implement any of these tactics to see bigger results!

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After reading these 50 Yahoo Answers traffic tactics let me know what you think about them.
Post your comments below.

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12 thoughts on “8 Yahoo Answers Traffic Tips

  1. Alicia Collins says:

    The story is quite different now. Last time once reach 200 points will auto promote to level2. Now I think one need to accumulate 250 points only qualify to upgrade to level 2. But this is good though to reduce spammers try to spam all the useless links in the yahoo answers.

  2. Tom Lindstrom says:

    Yahoo answers can bring you a lot of traffic and back links as well.However, you need to be very careful what you say there because you can get kicked out very easily.No self promotion, only recommendations.

  3. Free Ad Posting says:

    Another technique I have used is to be the first person to answer a question. And the answer should be the correct one. This helps in branding and establishing onself as an expert.

  4. I’ve heard about this kind of thing before and I’ve heard that it is becoming even more difficult due ot people reporting people for replaying to answers with links.

  5. I have been effectively using Yahoo Answers for a while (almost two years with a level rating of 3 or 4). Recently though Yahoo banned me for no fault of mine 🙁 I did not do any irrelevant link stuffing.

  6. Shemp Hain says:

    Ajith Edassery, I have been banned by yahoo before. I was new to internet marketing and I gave the same answer for two different questions even thought it was a relevant answer to each. They sent me an email and banned my account. So, be careful you aren’t giving answers that people might think are duplicates because they will either yank them or yank your account.

  7. Tent Camping says:

    I agree in that Yahoo! Answers can be beneficial for traffic, but I have found that in some areas the competition is fierce. People compete for the best answer status and therefore report some members as spammers. After a few reports, you can be banned. It is important to answer the question as mentioned in this article.

    • Case Stevens says:

      I’ve seen it over and over again. If something works well, there will always be people who abuse the system.
      We’ll have to fight it, and on the other hand, live with it. It still works.

  8. Fattest Man says:

    I kind of like answering questions anyway, so it is not a big deal for me to answer them properly, but I’ve noticed that even when people aren’t trying to get traffic, they can be cruel, or just random and not answer the question, so I feel like yahoo must have a hard time moderating the answers.

    • Case Stevens says:

      You bet!
      Moderating comments here already is quite a job, let alone Yahoo Answers. They must have a whole team of moderators there and they must have developed an elephant’s skin.
      I know I have. 🙂

  9. Richard says:

    People will become desperate and abuse any system so long as they think they can get a quick fix. The real benefits though can be found into steady application and time honored patience. Yahoo answers work as a real source of effective traffic if you stick at it in a respectable manner.
    Great tips Case.

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