Get Sold on Writing Perfect Copy

You are trying to attract new customers or continue good relationships with present customers and it comes time to writing a sales letter.

I’m betting that many individuals begin to get a little lump in their throat at that point, with the fear that putting pen to paper will be harder than is really necessary.

Keep in mind that the sales letter says a lot about you and your outreach to customers, so it is more than just investing a few minutes into it. How you market and sell a product and/or service should demonstrate the quality and your confidence with it.
Remember, you and your company’s reputation are on the line.

Cover Your Bases
The process starts with a strong cover letter.
When writing the cover letter, make sure it is focused, including on whom it is being sent to.

  • One key mistake is not addressing it to a specific individual, relaying to the client that you did not take the minute or two needed to inquire about whom you would be dealing with.

    Take the time to research the company and find out the contact so your letter comes across as more professional.

  • Secondly, be direct in your letter of how your product and/or services can assist the person you are reaching out to.
    Individuals and companies get countless solicitations over time, so why are you any different? Why what you have to offer make a difference in their life or business?

  • Another important part of the process is being direct in requesting a meeting.
    If you leave the meeting request rather open-ended, you may or may not get the time with the client.

    While being more direct does not guarantee a meeting, it certainly increases the chance of such an encounter.

  • Also be sure to be direct on how you can help the client, not going on and on.
    In today’s fast-paced world, people are always on the go, so any long-winded letters are likely to end up in the round file.

  • As you craft the sales letter, be sure it offers a strong headline, interesting but short copy, and a call to action.

    writing perfect copy
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  • Another important component is making it reader-friendly.
    If your copy contains logos or other images that are distracting, the chances of it being read from start to finish diminish. Keep the letterhead simple and make sure it is clean of errors.

  • Lastly, including a referral or testimonial certainly doesn’t hurt. Seeing others who have praised your products and/or services can potentially spur on another individual to want to give you a shot.

Writing sales copy doesn’t have to difficult, boring or time-consuming. It does, however, have to be a priority if you’re looking to grow your business.

Dave Thomas is a San Diego based writer, covering a wide array of subjects including telemarketing. He writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners at Resource Nation.

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