New WordPress Theme: Deep Blue

I just installed a new WordPress blog theme. I thought it was time for a new look.

It’s the DeepBlue theme from Daniel Scocco.

I selected this theme, because…

– it was easy to integrate 125×125 ad blocks on the right sidebar, so I can make money selling ads,

-and that sidebar can be used as a single one and/or split up in 2, which enhances flexibility,

-it has a very clean lay-out with lots of (white) space for easy reading,

-it’s search engine friendly, so you get indexed easily.

Nevertheless it was a close call between DeepBlue and CopBlogger, and the final selection could easily have been the other way around.

Wordpress Theme Deep Blue


I did change the color scheme a bit though. I didn’t like the original green colors that came with the theme.

Also, I decreased the height of the header section to get more real estate for content and sidebar ads. On top of that, I’m using an image on all posts and only a text header on my home page. I did so to have the title of the post on top of the content that search engines read.

I kept the sidebar info to a bare minimum and placed the rest of the information in an extra footer section.
I kept my categories (Topics) in the sidebar, but I may delete them all together later on because they may distract readers and dilute search engine keywords (which is why their links are nofollow).
For that same reason I dumped the archives.

The theme was specifically designed to include a 336×280 Adsense unit on top of the sidebar, but I prefer to display my subscription form there. Besides that, I think that showing the ad in the content will result in more clicks, but I didn’t test that.

I wonder what my frequent visitors think of this WordPress theme.
So please, post your thoughts below.

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15 thoughts on “New WordPress Theme: Deep Blue

  1. Dean Saliba says:

    Nice simple layout with good light matching colour scheme.

    Not too thrilled with the tabbing style for the pages at the top but they suit the look of the design.

  2. Andrew @ says:


    I like the blue.

    I also like the fact that your sign up stands out more – be interesting to see if you get more sign ups.

    I think the text to the right of your Banner title could do with being a bit larger.

    I’m thinking of adding a footer like yours just have not got around to doing it. Again be keen to know if your ‘average time spent on page’ changes, as a result.


    • Case Stevens says:

      Increased the font size of the text right of the banner Andrew. You’re right, it’s better.
      I also improved the graphic header, using crisp anti-alias.

      If you need help with the footer, let me know. It’s a ‘piece-a-cake’.

  3. Andrew @ says:

    Me again!

    I didn’t see any easy way to social bookmark.


    • Case Stevens says:

      I temporarily de-activated the Social Bookmarking plugin to test a little plugin I made to get more Twitter followers.
      Social Bookmarking is back now. 🙂

  4. Bill says:

    Nice clean design. I like the orange tabs (matching the feed icon). Contrasts well with the blue.

  5. Adam Smith says:

    Cool theme but don’t you think the colors are a bit weird? They don’t feel good on my eyes, too much contrast.

    • Case Stevens says:

      Maybe, just maybe, my eyes aren’t as good as yours and certainly not as good as they used to be. I don’t see too much contrast. 🙂

  6. Shimano Reels says:

    I have posted my link above and I am planning to transfer my website onto the wordpress. You guys here are affordable Internet Marketing are doing a great job. I just needed one clarification. Can I have a site with my domain without added to it and how do I do that?

    • Case Stevens says:

      All you have to do is install WordPress in your root directory and it will run.
      But I doubt you want to do that, since you’re selling a lot of stuff. Instead, you may want to install WordPress in a sub directory to enhance your site with valuable content where contextual links to products are included.

  7. Ronne says:

    I like this theme, simple and easy to browses, the tabs at the top work into the feel of browsing with Firefox which I use so it just seems natural to look for a tab to navigate with.

  8. Design looks good for me.
    Love the white space which makes everything very easy to read. No clutter.
    Colors always are a personal preference, but they look ok to me.

  9. Alex Newell says:

    I’ve used this theme and quite like it and perhaps if I had your level of expertise I’d have kept it.

    I end up going back to Cutline whenever I try out themes.

    What I really like about this post was your analysis of why and how you edited and personlised the theme.

    • Case Stevens says:

      Thanks Alex.
      Quite often we use too many features given to us that actually serve no (important) goal.
      In such cases, I get rid of them. Simple as that. 🙂

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