WordPress Plugin Deleted

I just had to delete quite a number of posts on my blog.

The reason was a new WordPress plugin I installed.
It takes the content of any RSS-file and publishes every entry as a post.
Now, I happen to know a famous guy who posts often to his blog, so I entered his feed into the plugin.

Only seconds later I had 10 new posts to my blog, coming from this resource.
I deleted them immediately, accidently deleting two of my own posts too. Sh*t!

The reason why I deleted the messages is, that using someone elses content to your own benefits is closer to stealing than to good marketing practice.

I DO use excerpts from RSS feeds to supply the latest news to those interested.
The reasoning behind this is, that the message creator doesn’t mind me passing his messages, otherwise it wouldn’t be in a feed.
Although this already is very dubious (he/she may want to serve subscribers only), I use the feed content since it’s public and include a link back with more info. I think this practice, althoug doubtfull, can be defended.
See this example (these messages are also filtered for keywords).

But this plugin takes the whole posts and publishes as your own. The source was recognisable, but there were no links back.
And that, in my book, is stealing.

What’s your take on this?
Any opinions out there?

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