WordPress Payment Plugin Easy and Secure

I’ve just bought a WordPress payment plugin for

– PayPal,
– E-Junkie and
– Clickbank

It’s called the WordPress Profit System and boy, DO I LIKE IT!

I’ve uploaded and activated this WordPress payment plugin, set my account info and quickly added a product with PayPal payment.

I then bought it myself and it worked superbly!

Want to see how it works?

Check it out!

Using this WordPress payment plugin is a snap and as easy as creating posts. And besides that, this plugin works in a secure way and your download links are protected!

I know lots of people using WordPress are having problems setting up a secure payment processor. If that’s you, pay attention, because here’s the solution for that problem.

Wordpress Payment Plugin
Photo Credit: nateOne

I think anyone can do this, but just to be sure, here’s a rundown.


  • Upload and activate the plugin
  • Fill in the standard settings
  • Add a (hard to guess) download directory to the wp-content folder

Then this WordPress payment plugin is ready to work for you.
(There was a little flaw in unpacking the zip file, because it contained an identically named sub folder in the main folder. You have to get rid of one of them if that’s still the case when you download the product.)

Next, you’ll need to fill in your account info, like

  • your PayPal email address and an authorisation code and/or Clickbank ID and secret code and/or E-Junkie Client ID
  • your support info
  • your download expiration time
  • some random keys to encrypt your download page and link
  • upload the provided .htaccess file to your download directory for extra security (I had to strip the rewrite url to index.php only)

That’s it.

Next, you want to fill in product details.

Before doing that, you have to create a thank-you and download page once-only.
You can use WordPress to do that or create a simple HTML page.
Samples of download and thank-you pages are provided in the package and the source shows the many variables that you can use inside these pages. Just copy and paste the source into your WordPress pages.

Then you’ll add the product specifications into the plugin, like

  • product ID, description, price
  • the selected payment processor (PayPal, Clickbank or even an affiliate program)
  • the names of your sales page, download page and thank you page (just the names, no URL’s to store)
  • the name of the download file
  • email message to be send to your customers

Of course, for every product you want to sell, you’ll have to create a sales page and include the generated code for the payment button.

Watch the easy to follow overview video here.

Since I bought this WordPress payment plugin only yesterday, I didn’t have time to fully test it, but the first results are very promising, so there’s hardly any risk involved.

Also, this payment processor was suggested to me by Paul Myers and that’s one of the most reliable persons on the Web. Can’t go wrong with Paul.

That’s also the reason why I introduce this great plugin to you so fast. Don’t know how long this one will be for sale, so you’d better check it out fast. This is no marketing trick, as I don’t earn a penny promoting this great solution.

Here’s the page and there’s a good video on it to explain quickly how this payment plugin works.

If you need an excellent and easy to use WordPress payment plugin, get your copy right now. The price is ridiculous low.

Then post your comments below.
Do you use a wordpress payment plugin?

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3 thoughts on “WordPress Payment Plugin Easy and Secure

  1. Andreas says:

    I have installed the wordpress payment plugin for several clients and it works well with paypal, clickbank and other payment processors.

  2. Jodeem Ciasico says:

    This a great wp-plugin to try out. I’m Kinda insterested in integrating payment system to one of my wordpress sites. Thank you for posting!


  3. Peter Dunin says:

    yeah this is a seriously cool plugin, i’ve actually got this installed on some of my sites and it’s working great!


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