Powerful Alternative For WordPress Adsense Plugins

I once installed the WordPress Adsense plugins. All that were available at that time, just to see how they worked and if they were flexible or not. I deleted them and I’ll explain here why.

The point is … I don’t like Adsense that much.

Not that it isn’t a good system, don’t get me wrong. It’s is a great way to monetize your site, only …

I don’t have enough control about what’s showing up and where.

IF I want to pitch a product, it should fit like a glove in the content I’m providing. That’s because I like to write about my experiences using the product. This way of product promotion is more like pre-selling, rather than ‘advertising’. Adsense just doesn’t fit in this strategy.

Another reason is, that I find Adsense ads too obtrusive when providing great, valuable content. It would fit a more general approach, but not when you provide ‘in-depth’ content.

Also, in my opinion, Adsense works better in non-IM sites. Internet marketeers are ‘Adsense blind’ already.

And finally, let me honestly confess that I detest to see leaderboards, skyscrapers, banners or half banners and all these other fancy ad names on one page. Must be something personal, but I just don’t like it.

However ….

I DO use them occasionally, but in a more subtle way (at least I like to think so).

PLUS the powerful alternative I use makes me much more flexible to show other ads that I create myself.

Here’s how I do that.

I create little files.
In there, I put my ad.

So, for Adsense, I have this file: ga-ban250x250.txt and in it is the Adsense ad code for a 250×250 square.

How do I display that ad?

Easy, I’ve installed a plugin called Exec-PHP (more on that in a moment).
This plugin allows you to add PHP commands inside the content or excerpt of your posts and pages to be executed just as in usual PHP files.

Mind you, I’m NOT a PHP expert. Au contraire!
But I can read the flow in PHP code to a certain extent and copy and paste the code lines that I need.

So all I do where I want my ad to appear is include the following line:

<?php include (“http://www.affordable-internet-marketing.com/myadfile.txt”); ?>

and that displays my ad at exactly that point in my post .

So, what’s the big deal?

Well, I can control WHERE to display my ad. And I can also create my own ads.

Let me give you an example.
For this post, I could have created an ad that promotes a special plugin that makes advertising on your website so flexible that you can fit your ads like a glove in the content provided.

Just have a look at the left to discover what I mean.
It’s exactly what you need if you are reading this and want to implement the strategy.
This ad couldn’t have been more targeted than it is now.

Of course I could add borders and change colors to match my page-layout.

But the main point is that I can put it there were I want it.
Where the keyword density is highest, or, better yet in my pre-sell strategy, where it is most appropriate. Where my readers are aware of the solution to the ‘problem’ and desperately want to have it!

Well, that’s how I advertise on this site.
Of course, I keep the little ad files organized in a separate folder. This was just an example and you can see the content of this ad file here.
Feel free to copy its content if you like to.

And let me know what you think of this.
Post you comments.

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