Willie Crawford

This afternoon it was Willie Crawford’s turn for a presentation.

Willie shared his experiences on how to become successful on the web.

Too much to mention, but here are some valuable notes:

“You will one day have more opportunities than you could persue. Then how do you decide what to focus on?”
Do something that is satisfying and meaningful. Promote products that you really believe in.”

And about niche marketing:

“To be successful in any niche adopt ideas from other niches.
Look for ideas that work beautifully in other niches and try them in your niche.”

Willie Crawford

Also Willie shared the latest ventures using his marketing qualities to set up a complete funding system for Homeless Shelter.
This project is the result of another amazing personal story. If you’re interested, you can read more about Willie’s story in his book ‘Git off the porch’.

But the real value is in Willie’s report called ‘ Eavesdrop As Three Top Online Earners Discuss Plans For Earning Millions In 2006’

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