Why You’re Failing and I’m Not

It’s an intriguing title, isn’t it?

It’s controversial to say at least.
“Why You’re Failing and I’m Not” doesn’t ask polity how you’re doing.
No, instead, it says that you ARE a failure and at the same time it implies that I’m a success.
And, unless you fully admit that you really are a failure, that makes you kind of angry, right?
Makes you want to respond (which is exactly what I want you to do, read on).

It also arouses curiosity, which is caused by this simple, three letter word ‘WHY’.
If you really want to know why ‘WHY’ is such a powerful word, then read the latest issue of Gary Bencivenga’s Bullets. No one can explain this better.
I also URGE you to sign up there. Gary has only 23 issues in his archive, but they’re so darn good you simply have to read them.

Ok, back to our ‘failure’ topic.

You may expect me to explain right now, why I am a success and you’re a failure.
I won’t! Not necessary.

Because, instead, I want you to read a post at the Warrior forum and tell me what you can learn from it.
There’s that guy who just read an eye opening story.
He’s excited and wants to share it.
Of all places, he selects one of the most marketing savvy communities.
It’s only his third post (at the time of writing this).
And of all headlines, he selected ‘Why You’re Failing and I’m Not’.

Go here:

Why You’re Failing and I’m Not

Read it and then return to post your comments.
I’m curious as to what you think.

See you soon.

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