Why Don’t You Use Co-Registration To Build Your Lists?

Co-registration is about referring subscriptions synchronous with a different registration process.

In general, when a visitor signs up for a free subscription, on the “thank-you page” he or she is given the opportunity to subscribe to other offers.

The main problem is how you find other publishers who you could land a co-reg joint venture with.

You could do this is by looking in search engines and directories. Another way is to sign up for co-registration services on the Net.

But the very best way to set up a list building JV is to look inside your own network.
After all, there are the people that you already know and trust. And probably you also already know what exactly they are doing and if their niche ties in neatly with yours.

If there’s someone in your network with an newsletter that is similar to yours but does not necessarily compete, then that would be a perfect nominee. Again, this proves it’s very important who you know and who knows you!

Co registration leads that are targeted will be valuable additions to your lists. Many of the co registration leads might very well be your customers for life.

Here is how you can implement the concept of co-registration:

  1. After you have approached another publisher with a co-registration arrangement, you both agree to become partners.
  2. Each partner shows the other publisher’s subscription offer on the “thank you” page that is brought up after a visitor subscribes to the first publisher’s content.
  3. When the visitor agrees to subscribe to the co-reg offer, the subscription is dealt with according to the instructions that are on the e-mail sign-up form.
  4. Ideally, both partners try to send the same amount of subscribers to one another.
  5. Each partner keeps track of the results and either makes adjustments or discontinues the partnership.
  6. This can be done over and over again with many other publishers.

Now, setting this up requires software. That is, if you don’t use the co-reg services on the Net.

I’m not quite sure about this, but this software may be a huge problem. Lots of people really would like to use co-registration, but just don’t know how to manage the whole process.

So, my question is: do you use co-registration and if not, why not?
And a second one: if you had some powerful software do manage co-regs, would you use this list building strategy?

Please post your comments. When useful, you’ll get a link back to your site! 🙂

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