Which Adsense Ads Where – Adsense Quick Tips 3

The Adsense terms outline, that you can place a maximum of three ad units on each page along with a maximum of two Google AdSense search boxes and a single link unit.

In addition to the ad units, search boxes, and link units, you can also include two referral units from each referral product.

You should be very careful not to overload your page with more ads than high value content. You should attempt to create a nice balance that allows you to perfectly intermingle
your ads in with your content. You’ll soon notice that this will help increment your click through rate.

According to some tests that Google has run, horizontal ads in general work better than vertical ones. The reason behind that is that the eye is more accustomed to reading horizontally and therefore is more expected to be acquainted with this layout.

It has also been advised that bigger rectangular ads that read horizontally will get a higher click rates.
Testing and comparing your results is the very best way for you to determine which ad format will work best on your web site.

I would be very careful about this, but if you, after putting three ad block units on your page, still want more you can also add one of Google’s link units

If your visitors clicks these small blocks of links, they will take them to a page of ads that are related to the topic of your web site in the same way that the common text ads do.

Links units have a wonderful feature. They look much as navigation links and can easily mix in with your web page design. This will give your visitors the feeling that they’re clicking through a link on your page instead of an ad.

Stay tuned for another Adsense tip soon!

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  1. Case Stevens says:

    Hey Jamie,
    I guess you’re right, as long as it is not too obtrusive, you should put them there. It’s the choice you make about how to use your valuable ‘screen’ estate.
    Do you still use the vertical ads?

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