Website Conversions – 6 Great Ways to Improve Your Sales

Website conversions in Internet marketing are defined as the measurement of the likely customers which visit your site and purchase your product or service. A lot of websites today focus on increasing the number just of people who make a ‘stopover’.

It is not just about your sales alone, though. Besides that, website conversions are utilized to land, squeeze, email sign up, and affiliate landing pages. As long as there is traffic, this mathematical formula is very useful. Note also that different web pages will naturally have another conversion rate.

You can see your website conversions by gathering data from the PPC (pay per click) promotional campaigns. View the number of customers that you have, basically the sales, and/or your e-mail sign up digits. Make sure that you indicate the start date and the end date for your sales as well as the PPC campaigns for you to get accurate conversions.

It is best that you start with a shorter time frame (one or two weeks). Naturally, you should do this first before you do any improvements with your website conversions. Now that you have come up with these numbers, how exactly can you improve this? Here are some ways:

  1. Capitalize on your product
    Logically, if you want your website conversions to be increased, you should have a really good product or service to offer the public. Basically, if you are planning to sell something online, make sure that it is really good.

    Take note that you have a lot of competition out there (unless you have something out of this world). If you are very much aware of that, you need to find something completely unique about it to interest people.

  2. For great website conversions, content always matters

    Having a really good content is not just for increasing the traffic to your site or optimizing it to the search engines. This will also give you a really good conversion rate.

    You might have a really good product, but if you cannot express that to your prospective clients, you really would not be able to sell anything. Post interesting and informative articles. Add photos and videos as well.

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  3. Your client should find your site convenient
    People like websites which tells them everything that they have to know.
    Put yourself in a regular consumer’s shoes. Do you really want to keep on e-mailing someone about your questions and wait for their reply? You would naturally go for that which provides complete information. A FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page can really help.

  4. Give your clients different payment options
    Even if most people who shop online have credit cards nowadays, there are still some people who do not own plastic.

    Whether a person has one or don’t have one, they still have money to purchase. So give them a chance to try what you are offering and yourself the opportunity of earning from them. That will definitely increase your website conversions.

  5. Be trustworthy
    This is pretty self-explanatory. People are more attracted to honesty and sincerity. As a business man, make sure you have those two traits.

    Bear in mind that this is one of the ways in which you can increase your sales but not spend so much when you need to increase your traffic. Like with other things, all you need to have is patience and determination.

  6. Use split-test scripts
    Using split-test scripts allow you to test your headlines and copy. You can decide which versions deliver the most sales.

    There are all sorts of scripts available on the web, from easy to difficult, from free to thousands of dollars, so search for one that suits your needs. Using one will help increase your website conversions drastically.

    If you know how to setup a MySQL database, or are able to learn that, then you can download this simple split testing script and start using it.

That’s how you can increase your website conversions.

Let me know what you think. Post your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Website Conversions – 6 Great Ways to Improve Your Sales

  1. Sonia Bourke says:

    I work for a company who have just undergone a complete rebrand and launched a new makeup line. I’ve been charged with the task of trying to market our products in an extremely competitive industry with a very tight budget. The tips and advice outlined above will definitely be incorporated into my strategy, especially the split-test scripts – something I never would have thought of. Thanks again 🙂

  2. Cecilia says:

    I have tried PPC before and was not successful by it. But I guess that the second way which is focusing on the content strikes it best.

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