3 Low-budget Viral Marketing Platforms that Deliver

When it comes to viral marketing, most marketers think they first have to create the next award winning message.

That’s not the case.

Using the right tools and targeting the right audience is all it takes.

Rahil Muzafar is the expert in this field.

His guest post about 3 low-budget viral marketing platforms is below.


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Have you ever noticed how some videos, news, articles, or even rumors get free publicity, because people start sharing this stuff with their contacts, friends and families voluntarily?

Not all of these videos or articles are some extraordinary stuff.

In fact, some of them are actually quite run of the mill, and still they manage to go viral, just because they are using the right tools and managing to tap the right kind of audiences.

Whatever the reason, but nothing gives your website a boost like some of your content going viral.
Viral marketing rides on freely available social media platforms with the help of some share worthy content to achieve, a variety of marketing purposes, such as brand awareness, traffic boost, advertisement etc.
The idea is to encourage people, especially the targeted customers to spread the word by becoming part of the chain.

However, a successful viral marketing stint is not easy (if it was that easy, it wouldn’t have been that effective, right?).

But one good thing about going viral is that you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot, it is actually the creativity and common sense that matters the most in viral marketing. Given below are some great viral marketing platforms that you can use creatively and get some real boost.

YouTube videos:
It’s a pity that very few businesses actually realize the power of YouTube.
How can you fail to notice a medium with more than 4.3 million viewership? Seriously, how can you?

Combine that with so many freely available video editing tools and you will get an amazing, low budget approach to marketing, which has the potential to spread like wildfire.

YouTube provides a colossal base of viewers, a perfect viral marketing platform for messages of any length, type and category, and the instant accessibility factor.
Some of YouTube’s features and benefits can actually outweigh the effectiveness of TV ads.

Press releases:
If done rightly, a smart piece of press release can also go viral, especially if you are offering a unique product or service.

If the news is effectively communicated to the targeted market or it is useful in any other way, it will provide people with the reason to pass on the information via their blogs, website, or social network profiles.

This can be achieved by an attention grabbing headline that catches the eyes and sticks in the mind of your targeted audience. However, to make a press release stand out of the crowd, it needs to have a fresh angle on it with the information, which is unique and never heard of.

Again, you might need some creativity but no hefty spending to pull this off.

Social media:
Social networks are all the hype these days and being a marketer, you must be aware of the popularity.

Social networking websites, such as Twitter and Facebook have a massive (and that’s a massive with capital ‘M’) user base, that makes it one of the most viable and cost-effective mediums of (viral) marketing. All you need to do is to get in touch with the right group of people and come up with some share worthy content (hint: use humor, controversy, thinking out of the box, etc).
You need to spare some time and thoughts, but the mind-labor is totally worth it.


Remember that when you are using any of these viral marketing platforms, it will always take some time in building up, but little by little, it will start grabbing the attention, and you will be getting the re-tweets and mentions for all to see and forward.

Rahil is a veteran at Internet Marketing, but these tips are not the only thing he can offer. You may find norton antivirus code and promo codes go daddy at his website.


So far Rahil’s story.
What’s your take on these viral marketing platforms?
Post your comments below.

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