Viral Blog Traffic Through Blogrush?

I just signed up at Blogrush.

It’s the latest service launched by John Reese’s It promises to send you traffic using a 10 tier referral program. It’s different from other traffic programs in that the widget shows content from other sites.

After signing up, I put the widget on my site. It didn’t work for the first half hour, so I quickly created a graphic and linked my affiliate ID to it.
Now the widget seems to work. Take a look in the menu at the right.

I must say, that adding another widget is a burden for my server. Pages load slower, so I may have to delete some of them. Which will be a difficult decision, since all widgets I use currently bring in traffic.

On the other hand, if I can sign up some new people using Blogrush, I may generate new traffic.

Maybe Dr. Mani’s Heart Kids Blogathon participants want to sign up? (hint, hint).

  • Dr. Mani is already posting for hours now.
  • And Diane Corriette at Internet Marketing Women Blog started in London just after noon.
  • Suthan of AsianLunatic in Malaysia has done already, but he did EIGHT hours!
  • Paul Duxbury of Self Improvement Ideas has already started in the UK
  • Ever heard of The White Ape in Thailand? He joined and IS blogging!
  • Doug Hudiburg has started at Daily Marketing Ace Blog

Others are still to come like my good friends Willie Crawford (who first has to do his Saturday Network call), Tom Brownsword at News By Tom Brownsword and many others.

Which remind me, please, help Dr. Mani save children. Donate Now.

And THEN get some targeted traffic. Sign up for Blogrush.

See you there!

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2 thoughts on “Viral Blog Traffic Through Blogrush?

  1. Ah, sorry Doug. You were beaten. But it’s not a shame, since you were beaten by no one else than ….

    John Reese!

    I’m on his list. 🙂

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