Your Online Business Will Prosper with Video Marketing

Video marketing is a very effective way to get your online business going. But you have to discover the video style that will best suit the kind of marketing you wish to do.

There are many ways to get this done and all of them are not expensive, though some may turn out to be costly. The best approach is to know the advantages and disadvantages of all video styles before making your choice.

Use These Video Styles

  • Shoot with your own unique personality
    Advantages: This process can be fast, easy and relatively cheap. It can help the audience to build a human bond with your brand.

    Disadvantages: You will naturally require a worthy personality whose appeal merits connecting to. It won’t be a cheap production all the time. It can be costly if its full potential is to be realized. And if it’s not done well, it can boomerang on you and give a poor reflection of your brand.

  • Images with Narration
    Advantages: Very easy to do. All you will require is a computer that has screen capturing software along with a microphone. It will not take too much time to produce and to edit.

    Disadvantages: The number of services and products that can utilize this facility is limited. Here you can only provide a walk-through of your services or products and talks describing their functions, particularly if they are web-based ones.

  • Animated Graphics
    Advantages: Animated, moving text can help to put across a lot of communication besides keeping your audience fully engaged.  You will get a superior degree of apparent credibility, besides professionalism.

    Disadvantages: It takes too much time to create.  It’s costly to hire an expert to do the job. But it’s not as costly as live action.

  • Avoid Slideshows
    Displaying a series of selected images with the help of a projector is simply not done today! You have to do it with videos!

  • Live Streams
    Advantages: It’s very engaging to have your content shown live on the net.  Your interaction with your audience is highly optimized. You will not require costly equipment, particularly when you have Google+ Hangouts on Air and YouTube’s live streaming facility which is available to everyone.

    Disadvantages: If you opt for this style, it could be costly. Also, you need to have an accessible audience so that the process is worthwhile.

Continuous Video Marketing
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Video Options: Choose the one that suits you best

Many options are available to create an attention-grabbing marketing video. All the six types described below are valuable. 
If you use all of them you will be covering every aspect of video marketing – from consumers who are seeking a product that you are selling, to those who already have your products and need to know something more about them, and all other potential consumers.

Let’s take a look at these six and find out what suits you best.

  • Demonstration Videos. Here you give a practical demonstration of how the video functions, what hindrances it clears and how essential it is for your customers to evince interest in it.

  • Give them Training. Here every detail of how your product functions is provided to the consumer. The training that the consumer will get will give him/her the additional confidence needed to buy the service/product for the training video will provide them with all the aspects of their functioning.

  • Customer Testimonials. This is a simple, direct way of giving importance to your product or service. Get your customers to speak about the qualities of your product; how good and useful it is, and so on. Besides credibility, customer testimonials will raise your conversion rates. The best actors will tell you that faking feelings/emotions on camera is a really tough job. So the customer who figures in your testimonial videos becomes your finest brand ambassadors.

  • Leadership Qualities. You must show consumers that you are the expert, the leader in the field that you and your product are in. In this way you will earn their trust and respect and show them that you are a person who knows what he’s talking about.

  • Provide Teasers. Teasers are a small taste or feel about the great qualities of your product. They reveal a few qualities of your products to arouse much interest in potential consumers. In the future, when you are set to launch, you will have raised the level of their anticipation much higher, thanks to the teasers.

  • Tell the Story. You must tell the story of your product. The people behind the product; why you and your team are creating it; what is the driving force behind your entrepreneurship and every other aspect of its planning and production.

Utilize User-Generated Videos

User-generated videos are being used for a large variety of applications. Be it marketing, news or problem processing, these kinds of videos reflect the great development of media production via the new technologies that have taken over the market, like tablets, Smartphones and laptops.

So let’s see what advantages you can derive from user-generated videos for your marketing purposes.

  • Product Feedback
    A survey found out that 70% of consumers read reviews of products and services before they buy them. Many of these reviews may actually be text-based.
    We know that most people don’t like reading online for it takes up too much time; they would rather see things. So why not have your product or service reviewed on a video? You will be providing additional verification of your goods on Facebook, your store and website and a video will also help to get precious customer feedback.

    Video reviews will also help to raise conversions as well as inbound traffic. Besides, it’s easier to spread the news on the web via video than text. What can be better than getting news about your product/services spread across social channels? You can then also track the visitors who come to your website and sooner or later convert them into customers.

  • Video Competitions
    Smartphones, laptops and tablets come with built-in cameras and internet connections which enable users to everywhere capture video and make it easier to obtain user-generated content on the videos. So have a video contest; it need not be expensive. Several tools are available to organize a video contest.

    For a good video contest: Reward contributors with an incentive to activate them to upload  a video (coupon, freebie,  or even just their social status…)

    • Include gamification elements to encourage users to promote their videos.
    • Give rewards to contributors in the form of an incentive. You can get them to upload a video, give coupons and/or freebies or simply social status.
  • Customer Care
    Video technology has ushered in a better way for firms give improved online service to customers.
    A most common way to use video in Customer Care is to use pre-recorded How-To-Do videos that solve normal problems. You can even do better. All companies have acquisition, service or loyalty goals. For each one of these you can make use of videos to attain these goals.
    Also, provide customers the chance to add videos when they face problems. In this way you’ll get precious feedback from them.

  • Recruitment Process
    You may receive thousands of letters and CVs for a job you have advertised for. But how do you read through all those applications and get the finest candidates. You can’t judge a candidate by his/her resume only. How do you check their motivation and skills?

    Videos are a great way to hire the right person for the job. You are able to read the body language of the candidate and hear speech patterns besides getting some skills tested. This will be a winning situation for both candidates as well as manager.

    It’s here that Video Job Applications will help. Managers who are doing the hiring work will get the best candidate in the fastest way and your company will save money and time. Candidates will get the opportunity to showcase their skills and experience and also their passion for your firm and their personality.

  • Classified Ad Sites
    Videos help you to fashion a fulsome encounter for your visitors. They also provide your advertisers with the implements they require to display their listings.
    Websites that use classified ads are rare. Most of them simply ask you to copy the link and paste it into a video that is posted on a video platform like Vimeo, YouTube or any other. Classifieds of niches like an automobile or real estate can use devices like tablets and Smartphones to add convincing subject matter to their listings.

  • Programs/Events
    Many people record an event on their Smartphones, but when you look up YouTube the next day, you don’t find a video of this program anywhere. What have they done with their videos? Precious video content thus gets fragmented or even gets lost.

    So use the content of these videos to create more buzz at an event and even after it. Give your audience the chance to contribute and provide them a space to get the videos to come together.

    The best thing is that the video contributors will most likely share their recordings of the event and so generate inbound traffic to your site or on your Facebook page.

    Additionally, the attendees are more likely to return to your Facebook page or website if they know they will get precious video content related to the event there.

  • Selling Point
    User-Generated Videos can be used at the time of a sale to stimulate traffic in your store itself. You can do this by giving ladies the chance to receive feedback from their friends at the moment they are set to buy a new dress, rather than after the sale.

    You could reward them with coupons or other incentives and then they will be anxious to give your product publicity. The key to success here lies in keeping the entire process simple. Don’t ask the customer to upload her video on YouTube or other major video platforms for everybody does not have a YouTube account.


In this article I have looked exhaustively at how user-generated videos can do wonders for your business. If you have ideas on the subject, please share them with me.

Alan Smith is an avid tech blogger with vast experience in various IT domains, currently associated with SPINX Inc., a Los Angeles, California based website design, web development and Internet Marketing Company. Follow Alan on Google + and Twitter.

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