Video Marketers Pleased by YouTube’s Changes

Loyal video marketers have always cherished a site like YouTube, because it was easy to get listed using videos as a marketing tool.

However, there have been some complaints about certain features from YouTube that didn’t work as well as they should be.

That has changed now that YouTube has announced a feature update.
Aidan Hijleh knows all about it. Hence his guest post that is published today.

Read carefully and learn.
Have fun.

What Video Marketers Should Know About the New Way YouTube Recommends Videos

YouTube is undoubtedly the most powerful force in the world of online video.

However, the global leading video sharing website is a far cry from perfect – just ask some of its loyal users.

One of the biggest complaints coming from the user base has been aimed at the site’s “Recommended” and “Related” video features. Many users feel they lack accuracy, far too often suggesting content that is not even remotely relevant or related to their interests. This is all changing thanks to a new YouTube update.

YouTube recently announced an update that makes its Recommended and Related videos more useful to the viewer. The new approach is said to be based on the time the user spends watching content on the site. This is a huge deal that not only affects the everyday user, but video marketers as well.

Engagement Over Clicks
In the past, YouTube used click’s to determine the popularity and relevance of video content.
While clicks are a solid metric to use, they are not the most reliable measurement for the simple fact that they do not tell the full story.

YouTube said that in its research, it learned that the amount of time a user spends watching video is a more dependable indicator of their actual interest. The company said that it will still consider clicks, but focus more on using this new measure to serve up videos in the Recommended and Related videos sections.

So what’s the take away here for video marketers?
Simple – upload video content that keeps viewers engaged, and the Recommend and Related features will help to ensure that your material is featured more prominently across the site.

If people who watch your content feel compelled to click away before viewing it in full, you will be featured less prominently. It really is that straightforward.

As a video marketer, high engagement is something you should have always been striving for with your YouTube efforts, but now with the update in effect, you have even more incentive to ensure that your content hold’s the user’s attention.

Helpful Engagement Tools
We all want to create engaging content. No serious video marketer purposely makes a video that can’t hold water, let alone attention.

Frustratingly, it’s not always that easy to get it right. Putting together a creation that conforms to the YouTube platform is becoming an increasingly needed skill. The good thing is that there are plenty of resources available to help you out.

For example, YouTube has its Analytics Audience Retention Report, which offers tips and solutions to topics ranging from content to coding. Resources such as these can prove valuable in the mission to make your content as engaging as possible.

Slowly but surely, brands are learning that video is the way. The ones that learn the secrets to key pieces like YouTube will be able to excel at content marketing in the digital age.

Email marketing expert Aidan Hijleh, freelance copywriter, serves as the Non-Profit Partnership Liaison for Benchmark Email and advocates free email marketing services to assist with the flourishing of grassroots organizations

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