Useful Comments To Get A One-Way Back Link

I have a special comments policy. In short, if you provide useful comments, you’ll rewarded with a one-way back link to your site or web page.

Usefull comments is defined as: “add a great and valuable contribution to the discussion”!

As I’ve written before, I’m using Spam Karma2 as the better solution to manage my comments and spam. It sends you an overview every day by email. So, it’s easy to moderate the comments and delete the spam.

There are no written rules as to what is what. I decide. Period.

But let me give you some examples to show what’s good and what isn’t.

“Nice site, I have bookmarked your site yet and I will come back again ! You have a gratest site!”

A lot of nonsense just to receive a back link. Classified as Spam!

“Affiliate Directory and Affiliate Marketing… Sorry, it just sounds like a crazy idea for me :)…”

The famous ‘canned’ comments. Comes in all kind of formats. Classified as Spam!

Hi Stevens, nice very informative blog you post here, first i like to appreciate you, you wrote a reply to all comments, good job keep it up, yes getting traffic is very tough but after i read your blog , i can increase my traffic by increase my links in blogs, interesting thanks for your great blog, its useful…

A hard call. Since my last name was used, she must have read something in here. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Approved!

Hi, Your blog on online business is very good. I like to read it. Online business is growing concept in most of the industry. I studied different online applications used in finance and insurance industries. is one of the leading providers of online applications.

Guess what? Classified as Spam!

Then there’s Jenny. She wanted a link back to her site, which she even promoted in her comments. She got one! Because I thought her site was a valuable contribution to my topic on Easy Backups.

So…. why am I posting these examples?

Because I like to link back to your site. IF your comments are valuable.

But what’s more important, if your comments are not, chances are I classify them as spam. And that means, Spam Karma 2 puts your IP address and website on the blacklist, so every next comment will end up as spam automatically. Without me having to lift a finger.
Opportunity missed!


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3 thoughts on “Useful Comments To Get A One-Way Back Link

  1. Alex says:

    Hey Case,

    Nice summary. I have actually been a user of SK2 since I started my blog but I have to admit it’s not prefect. I have recently posted on my blog on topic similar to yours but I have also found that implementing a combination of 2 plugins:

    1. SK2
    2. BadBehaviour

    makes a lot more sense. however good SK2 is it has some failures (addressed by BB plugin). After its implementation I was able to cut spam by 99.5% – and I get a few hundred of them on daily bases. So perhaps something worth a look for you …


  2. Case Stevens says:

    Thanks for the tip Alex. It’s always nice to get some great feedback from an experienced user. I’ll check BB out.

    Alex’ post is here: This Blog Is Mine! …Spammers Be Gone!

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