The Ultimate Link Building Report – Review

Josh Spaulding just released a new product called “The Ultimate Link Building Report”.

Since many of my readers commented at my post How To Build Great One-Way Quality Links I thought it would be interesting to see what Josh had to say about link building.

He was so kind to give me a review copy.

Josh has been building his own network of websites during the past 5 years and has obtained top 10 rankings as a result. Throughout this time he has learned, the hard way, what works and why it works in regards to link building. And that’s exactly what you find in this 44 page report.

Josh starts with link building facts, myths and misconceptions.

Building A Link Network
Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks

He briefly explains PageRank (and the difference between Actual PR and ToolBar PR) and authority sites, probably the most important factor in any link building “campaign”. Thus you learn how authority is passed on to links that appear on any given page and recognize how valuable a link is. On the other side, he also explains how to recognize ‘worthless’ links.

Josh also deals with internal linking structures, anchor text, deep linking, the value of links coming from .org, .edu and .gov domains and from content management sites like blogs.
He makes sure you’ll understand all the basics of a link building.

Then Josh goes deeper into his proven link building methods and describes each and every link building method he has used in the past, including a description of each and the pros and cons of each.
This is the meat of the report and there are some outstanding ways to build a great link network. I picked up a couple of things to implement at this blog.

Along the way, Josh also mentions some great tools to find valuable link building partners and he provides some valuable resources that you can use right away in your link building campaigns.

Overall, this is an good, solid resource for anyone interested in building a link network. If you’re new to the topic, you really should have a copy. If you’re experienced in link building already, you may find a thing or two that may be worth checking out.

As with many resources written by experienced marketers, this guide isn’t just another ebook with instructions how to do things. Instead, it’s a huge time saver, because it comes from someone who’s ‘been there, done that’.
I can wholeheartedly recommend this product.

I told Josh I was going to publish this review and he happily offered to give you a huge discount. Instead of the regular $47, you can get this outstanding guide for only $27 if you use this special link.
I suggest you get your copy right now.

Let me know what you think of it.
Post your comments below.

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14 thoughts on “The Ultimate Link Building Report – Review

  1. joe comp says:

    i think its a good ebook for us to read how to get quality backlink.and maybe i want to buy later.thank you for this info and success for us

  2. greatmanagement says:


    I’ve purchased several of Joshs previous products and they are always succinct and to the point (and I always learn two or three new things!) – so thanks for the heads up.


  3. Rick | marketing forum says:

    I look at these type of “how to” books, reports, etc. all the time, but rarely will I actually spend any money on one. Link building however, can be very difficult and is the most important part of SEO, at least in my opinion. I will gladly look into this link building report further. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  4. Chelle says:

    Link building takes a lot of work and there are so many different opinions on how to do it the best way. I like Josh’s blog a good bit though, so I’m sure its full of good information!

  5. Mike Perras says:

    I only included my blog here as I have been using it as a case study. Getting ranked well in Google through article marketing, social bookmarking, rss feeds, pinging and of course backlinks.

    The case being that yes you can rank quickly and well by doing it organically, at zero cost.

    My concern is that while we do hear about the importance of backlinks, why is it that we rarely hear the importance of the DOFOLLOW backlinks. I know it’s out there but you have to dig, it’s not on the surface, a new person would have trouble knowing this information.

    I mean it is critical is it not?

    Hope to hear back,


    • Case Stevens says:

      Yes Mike, DOfollow links are critical when it comes to receiving link juice. It’s not for generating traffic.
      But there are many DOfollow sites out there. This blog is listed on a few of them. Just do a search for the term dofollow.

  6. Vinyl Lettering says:

    Very cool, I’ve signed up for the trial…I’ll let you know how it works. I’m always skeptical of automated tools for seo and link building, but looks interesting..will give it a shot.

  7. One way link I feel are defo worth it, But how do you get them without paying for them, I think i might buy a copy of your E book to find out.

    Normaly i proceed in a 3 way Link exchange that the Link site is on a seperate IP and different server. I feel this help alot and is a good tip for any webmaster

  8. Los Angeles Tailor says:

    Hey everyone!

    I was wondering: As you can see if you go to my site (or even look at the text), I do not have an internet marketing based business…

    Rather, I am a tailor…

    Do you think that this report would help me get potential customers?


  9. Case Stevens says:

    @Los Angeles Tailor No, you can’t get potential customers, you get one-way back links to your site. Which may lead to getting customers. Only… your site is a 1 page site, so there’s not much to link to except the home page.

  10. Dan @ Mister Audio says:

    Josh has been around for a while, and is one of the few that I consider to be legitimate in the IM field…a gem among the junk. I will definitely check out that ebook.

  11. steve@Brisbane SEO says:

    Do you ever use first blog finder for searching blogs? I found it quite useful.Its a free tool and if you use keyword + commentluv as a search item, you can find list of dofollow blogs there.


  12. wow leveling guide says:

    Not bad in terms of the information that is put forth honestly. I know I wish that I would have had a comprehensive link building guide when I first started messing around with this stuff on the net.


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