10 Twitter Tips For More Twitter Success

Many people ask me about Twitter tips to become more successful on Twitter.

They read reports from other marketeers who say they are highly successful on Twitter and they want to know how that can be achieved.

To be honest, let me first say, that I don’t use Twitter that much and certainly not as a marketing tool.

But it has been most helpful for me to directly contact my peers and get questions answered in return for my answers to their questions. Some of these concerned Joint Venture invitations, which increased my sales drastically.

For me, that’s the most important benefit of using Twitter. Whereas many use Twitter to send out one-way (sales) messages, I use this social networking site for the most part as a communication device.

To help you be more successful on the site, I give you 10 short Twitter tips to be successful.

Twitter tips
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  1. Be Yourself
    Don’t try to be someone else or to imitate someone. You followers will immediately recognize you as as being fake. You’ll rather want your true personality to appear.
  2. Tweet Value
    Make sure that everything you tweet is highly valuable for your followers. You should always try to either inform, entertain or educate your followers. Those are the best ways to add value to your tweets.
  3. Tweet Frequently
    This will allow you to be seen and it will also keep you in the forefront of people’s minds. Don’t tweet all day, instead tweet a couple of valuable messages shortly after each other.
  4. Communicate with Your Followers
    Don’t just talk at your followers. They’ll recognize that immediately. Instead discuss or give answers. Remember the WIIFM?
  5. Therefore: Do NOT Sell
    This will only turn your followers off. If one of them only tries to sell me, I usually unfollow.
    Provide value instead and then occasionally include a link to a page on your site where they can get more info. That’s where you can sell to them.
  6. Know Your Audience
    Take some time to get to know your followers. Visit their sites or follow their links. Thus you’ll find out what they want and you may be able to help them achieve that. BIG plus!
  7. Increase Your Followers
    More followers means expanding your network and greater chances to be successful. Invite your readers to follow you on Twitter, like I do at the bottom of this post.
  8. Be Nice
    You don’t want to offend anyone with your Tweets. Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want your mother or your grandmother to read.
  9. Don’t Complain
    Always stay on the positive side tol keep you and your online business in a positive light.
  10. Don’t SPAM
    Never SPAM on Twitter. There’s no better way te become unpopular and get kicked off of the site than sending Spam. And it certainly won’t make you any money.

There you have your Twitter tips. Make sure you always follow them and you’ll see the results.

As an extra bonus, here’s my most important Twitter tip:

PLAN your time on Twitter to avoid spending too much time there. It can be very tempting to stay on Twitter all day, answering all kind of nice communications, but I guess you also have work to do. Schedule an hour a day to communicate and then close the site or software program you’re using.

As you may have learned from this article, I build my follower list slowly.
However, if you want to explode your followers base, increase their responsiveness and achieve top SEO rankings using Twitter, then check out this great Twitter resource.

After you’ve done that, post your comments below.
What are your Twitter tips?

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9 thoughts on “10 Twitter Tips For More Twitter Success

  1. Flieder says:

    I am not really sure about the microblogging scene in some years. do you really think, microblogging is as relevant as today in something about five years?

    • Case Stevens says:

      I honestly don’t know, but it’s working right now.
      If you skip all opportunities that possibly aren’t as relevant in 5 years from now, you’re losing a lot of visitors. 🙂

  2. Jason @ SEO Strategies says:

    It does bring relevant traffic to your site, the only problem sometimes is the timing of your tweets. Some successful twitter marketers that I’ve seen and known, usually use auto tweet applications, it does work though it also takes a lot of work in building a solid reputation through twitter.

  3. Paul@ipraxa says:

    summing up all the points – the most important thing to do to be successful in twitter marketing is to build a reputation. follow people who are relevant to your niche and tweet something useful, relevant and informative. Share your knowledge and expertise with your followers.

    Once you establish yourself, build a reputation, people will start listening to you. You can drive a good amount of traffic to your site as well.

    Moreover it is a tool for long term promotion, not for short terms sales, Though you might get some leads for sales as well.

  4. Michael says:

    I think that in five years time it may still be relevant. It’s provided a shot new quickfire way to make contacts, which nothing else offers in such a lax way. Until something replaces that, on the same grounds of intimacy and ease. Good post – although being nice only gets you so far!

  5. Michael says:

    Really neat tips. I usually just tweet about post that I blog about, but I haven’t got into the habit of just using Twitter for a personal expression box. However, reading this post, I feel more confident to just be myself. Thanks.

  6. Mark Fuller says:

    Branding and building reputation by means of micro-blogging is a great way to build your list as well. I live by these factors whenever I tweet, educate, entertain, engage and inter-act. I try to put personal touch on every tweet I post and your entry affirms that I am indeed doing the right thing. It takes time but as the old adage would say “patience is a virtue” especially if you want to build a solid list in twitter.

  7. Case Stevens says:

    Excellent tip James.
    Thanks. 🙂

  8. Twitter Tools says:

    Great Tips,

    I am following you on Twitter! (I am @GarinKilpatrick)

    For those who want to learn how I got my 49,000+ followers, and how I drive traffic with twitter, check out my free twitter eCourse at: twittertoolsbook.com/twitter-ecourse



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