Twitter Enables Survey To Marketers Facilitating Measurement of Brand Impact

Online marketing remains a popular promotional platform for brands.

Utilizing the power of the Internet, the aim is to provide marketing strategies that will engage the user.

There are various formats of online advertising and these include contextual advertisements on results of the search engines, blogs, rich media ads, banner ads, interstitial ads, social network marketing, advertising networks, online-classified advertising etc.

Today, most of the companies are relying on online advertisements and they are well aware of their returns on investments.

In addition, most of the major online social advertisement advertisers like Facebook, Google and Twitter are clambering to prove to these corporate giants that their advertisements are capable of establishing brand recognition and moving the intent of the customer towards purchase.

On 3rd October, 2012 Twitter came forth with another offer for the brand advertisers that would enable to maneuver surveys within the timeline of the end-user.
The survey will be asked by a tweet, and if the customer clicks on it, it would simultaneously display on the timeline. It will not redirect the user from Twitter.

Facebook delivered that less than a percent of in-store sales are attached with brand advertising, came from the people who clicked on the ad.

Collaborating with Datalogix, it ascertained in giving the brand marketer data about the generation of in-store sales that was created by the ad placed on the platform. A useful feedback, Datalogix will be tracking between the ads on Facebook, and the real time spending of the consumers on the retail store, and synchronizing the same with ad impressions.

Brad Smallwood, Head of Measurement and Insights, Facebook, commented that the online marketers could increase their returns from ads by just focusing in the frequency of its appearance. Soon Facebook will be rolling out insight for the advertisers that will provide relevant information about the number of ad impressions.

Google remained in monopoly by becoming the biggest earner in US display ads.
Facebook, removed from its number one rank, had also lost shares about 40 percent since the last IPO. Google’s influence came back from the video advertising on You Tube subsidiary. The mobile advertising was through Admob, the organization acquired in 2009.

For Twitter, the surveys for online advertising will be about asking questions to users.

Based on the awareness of the brand and products, the social media platform can determine the influence of the online ads. The collaboration with Nielsen will be also measuring the brand’s reputation and sales conversion. Although, brand surveys are native to the user, the feature will enable comparison that is more direct between campaigns held in other websites.

The “survey” can be more prosaic in format but these surveys will appear like the Promoted Tweets. Displaying on the timeline of the user, on the desktop and mobile, these surveys will extend the capacity of the campaign across multiple platforms.

Twitter’s VP of brand strategy, Joel Luenfeld, commented that Twitter is “Giving brands the ability to deliver and measure the impact of mobile and traditional desktop campaigns”.

Associated with Nielsen, who is the third party data-compiler-arbiter, this is more interactive in nature. Twitter is envisaging this survey as the perfect tool for “Purchase intent, overall awareness, and other advertising metrics and analytics that can lead to greater engagement” (Twitter Surveys Effectiveness).

Online marketing is an indispensable component for any business.
As to the question of “Why online marketing,” it is important to understand its potential. Today, most people go online to search about anything, and it is only through this front that we can address infinite users.

Internet marketing is not bound by physicality of time or location. Converting into an instant interactive platform, through internet marketing we can reach any audience faster.

Any Search Engine Optimization Consultant will be aware of the importance of these tools. In Search Engine Optimization Consulting the importance of the Social media platforms is established.

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