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I’m back home after driving for two days from our holiday house in Spain. Preparing some great products that I soon will present.
Meanwhile, let me share a few things that caught my attention during the last few weeks.

Let’s start with a sweet one.
I was invited by my good friend Dr. Mani to join his next big event to raise funds for kids with heart diseases.

A DAY FOR HEARTS : Congenital  Heart Defects Awareness Day - Click here for details

Of course I signed up immediately, because the Heart Kids Tweetathon is a high profile event with a wide following – and this year is going to be bigger than ever before! And you can be part of this. A unique chance to get your name and website in front of tens of thousands of visitors – quickly and easily.

Plus, Dr. Mani’s blog is frequently spidered by major search engines during this annual event – and having your link on the blog means it will get a fair share of this benefit.

But of course, the BIGGEST benefit is that you will be helping save a child’s life – and there’s NOTHING that compares with the incredible feeling this gives you!

So, if you’re interested in contributing a short article for this year’s event, join the Heart Kids Tweetathon. On behalf of Dr. Mani, thank you for your contribution.


About two weeks ago, in Insanity To Overcome Slow Summer Sales, I wrote about two newsletters I always read during summer holidays.

Another one I never skip is Associate Programs Newsletter from Aussie marketing veteran Allan Gardyne.

While Allan was preparing an article about alternative methods to make a nice online income using affiliate marketing, he just couldn’t stop because he found more and more ways to do so.

Astonishingly he ended up with 53 ways to make money with affiliate programs. There may be some that you don’t know about. Did you miss some of these?


Back in July I wrote a short post about Yaro Starak’s  Blog Mastermind opening again.
I included a link to a video explaining the easy to use system of blogging Yaro used for the past two years to make *at least* $10,000 per month from his blog – up to as much as $35,000 a month!

That video was a huge hit and many people who watched it went on to join Yaro’s coaching program.

However some people don’t like video or have such slow Internet that video doesn’t work. To help these people, Yaro has released a text transcript of the video, so you can read his advice.

The report is ready to go. It’s 15 pages long in PDF format and just like the video, it won’t cost you a cent.
You can get it on this page (look for the text link under the video).

Let me know what you think about it.
Leave your comments below.


Finally, I’ve read an outstanding and powerful report last week about how Google is really doing all it can to make you rich. It explains how to use all the information available for free in Google, to achieve high rankings and a surge of traffic.

Mind you, I buy lots of these reports and if I don’t find them exceptional, you won’t hear about them from me.

This one is different.
So simple, so easy to use, with information that is right under your nose…
Get your copy now: 40+ pages of sheer value.

After reading that one, let me know what you think of it.
Post your comments below.

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