5 Ways to Convert Blog Readers into Customers

Amassing a good number of blog readers isn’t hard if you follow the right steps. The bigger challenge is generating a positive ROI. In fact, monetizing a blog can be much harder than building traffic.

This article contains five practical ideas you can use to turn readers into customers. If you have a formula that works well, you can turn readers into subscribers and subscribers into customers.

1. Work on your headlines
Headlines can entice people to read further, but did you know tweaking your post titles can even lead to conversions? Professional copywriters can attest to this—for decades, they’ve been creating headlines that tap into psychological and emotional triggers that drive consumer behavior.

The online marketing resources MarketingProfs found that headlines with features and benefits can drive 28% more leads than product-driven headlines.

The trick is to offer a solution. Consumers are looking for your product because they want a solution to their problem. Once you identify their problem, state how your product’s features can benefit them.

2. Collect emails
Monetizing blogs via email marketing is a longer process, but its conversion rates are usually higher. There are different ways to collect emails:

  • Give something free in exchange for their email address. This could be a newsletter subscription, downloadable report, or a free e-book—as long as it’s intriguing and useful enough to encourage readers to give their information.
  • Promote the free offer everywhere. Place it on your site’s home page, your email signature block, etc.
  • Install an opt-in form in the sidebar. This is an easy, straightforward way to turn readers into email subscribers.
  • Place an email collection box at the end of every blog post. Remind customers that they can get more information about your business or special offers if they opt in.

These email collection methods have different conversion rates, but if you integrate them all, you can maximize all methods to increase email subscribers.

Your email content should be worth their subscription. Always send high-quality, amazing content so they will stay subscribed.

Once you have email subscribers, create a drip marketing campaign, which should convert around 5% of your audience. If you don’t feel competent about writing drips, consider hiring professional consultants to write for you.

3. Partner with other blogs to offer bundle deals
Special promotions are a super easy way to generate leads and conversions. Your special deals will be even more successful if you bundle different products into one package, because that means buyers can get their money’s worth and more than what they pay for.

If you have a software company, for example, you can partner with other IT-related businesses, and then advertise the bundled package on each of the partner company’s blogs. Not only will you get customers, you will also reach out to the other companies’ audience. Win-win!

4. Align calls-to-action with your blog content
Calls-to-action are great at driving traffic from your blog to your website. Before inserting any CTAs, examine if they’re aligned with the content of each blog post. Consider updating them so they’re more relevant and targeted to ever post in your blog.

The changes can range from simple tweaks to total revisions. Just remember that the more targeted your blog is, the more chances you have of gaining readers interested in your offerings.

To create the perfect CTAs, identify the action you want prospects to take. If you want to prompt readers to share your article on social networks, say something like “If you liked this post, share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.” Or, if you want them to join a webinar, say “Enroll now to get the most successful tips in web marketing.”

Calls-to-action can be in the form of visual ads and testimonials, too. For example, you can place a photo with a text overlay of a testimonial from one of your clients. If the ad is clicked, people are redirected to your main website.

5. Conduct webinars
If you offer products or services, weekly webinars are a very effective way to advertise your offerings. The webinar doesn’t have to be about the product. They can be about problems that your product can solve or tips that can benefit your customers and prospects.

By building useful information that can be clearly explained in a webinar, you can build trust and credibility, both of which can attract signups.

Part of the purpose of giving webinars is to get new signup. To ask people to opt in, simply ask them, but not before discussing the features and benefits they can enjoy.

Another way to get people to sign up is by offering free trials. In the webinar signup form, include a check box that people can tick if they want to get your free trial.

Blogging can be very profitable, but only if you take actionable steps that result in your audience wanting to purchase your services or products. These tips are some of the top conversion methods most marketers practice. Use them as a guide to monetize your own blog.

Mary McLean, blogger for outsourcing provider SquareFish Inc, develops its content and IM strategies and blogs about SEO, content creation, social media, and IT-related topics. You can find her on Google+.

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